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Fishermen scheme in Tamil Nadu 2019-20 [Application Form, Eligibility]

Tamil Nadu center government has come up with a fishermen’s scheme for improving their condition. By means of this scheme, the financial help given to fishermen shall help them to improve their health conditions. The scheme will be regulated by Animal husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries department. The main aim of the government was to start ‘blue revolution’ in the state. Read the following part of the article to know about other relevant details relating to the entitled scheme.

Launch details of scheme

Name of scheme   Fishermen scheme
Target group of scheme   Fishermen of Tail Nadu
Main objective of scheme   To make blue revolution
Scheme launched in   Tamil Nadu
Scheme announced by   Union Minister for Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries Giriraj Singh
Date of scheme launch September 2019
Scheme will be regulated by Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries department

What are the highlighting features of scheme?

  • Main objective of the scheme – The main focus of the fishermen’s scheme is to improve condition of fishermen in Tamil Nadu. In addition, the central government is planning for blue revolution and provides deep-sea fishing vessels to fishermen.
  • Target group of the scheme – The fishermen of the state are the target group. With successful implementation of the scheme, the government is trying to improve health condition of fishermen.
  • Benefits of the scheme – The center government have given rupees 300 crores for effective implementation of fishermen’s scheme in Tamil Nadu. With this, fishermen can buy suitable fishing vessels that can help in their fishing.
  • Scheme introduced in districts –Thecenter government is of the opinion that the fishermen scheme will be introduced in four different districts such as Ramanathapuram district, Palk Bay area and others.
  • Improved fishing condition of the state – By giving adequate help to fishermen, the government can encourage state fishermen to improve deep-sea fishing stocks.

Therefore, by providing suitable fishing boats for 12 nautical miles, it is possible to promote deep-sea fishing in the state.

What are the eligibility criteria for the scheme?

  • Residential proof – As the scheme has been introduced in Tamil Nadu, only the fishermen of the state can get subsidy benefits under the scheme. Not fishermen from all districts can avail scheme perks. 
  • Income details – The fishermen of the state have to produce details of their annual income. Depending on it, they will be given suitable help for buying deep-sea fishing vessels.

Documents required under the scheme

  • Residential documents – The fishermen should provide residential details including details like Aadhaar card, voter ID card and the like. This will be required in support of their claim that they are the native fishermen of the state. 
  • Income certificate – At the time of online registration for the scheme, the fishermen should produce suitable income certificate that will be required to scrutiny the income level of the fishermen. This shall help to know whether the fishermen are capable of getting the subsidy benefit from the center government or not.  

Details of online application procedure of scheme

As the above said scheme is a newly introduced one in Tamil Nadu, the government is yet to declare the steps for online registration of the scheme. In addition, it can be expected to launch an official portal through which beneficiaries can know about updates of the scheme. But as the information comes up, the interested fishermen of the state will be the first one to know about it.

If the fishermen scheme can be successful implemented in the state, it shall help improve the overall conditions of the fishermen. With the subsidy amount that government has decided for the fishermen, it shall help them get deep-sea vessels that can help in better fishing and increase fish storage.  

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