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Exit Test Might be mandatory for Engineering Students to determine employability

Exit Test Might be mandatory for Engineering Students to determine employability

It seems that the engineering students throughout the country might have to sit in for a final examination which will decide the future employment prospect of that student in India. A proposal has been sent to the AICTE which is the regulatory authority of the engineering colleges in the country. The decision will be discussed in a meeting by AICTE and govt. officials over this issue. This examination will be applicable for all the engineering students studying in government as well as private collages. The scores from this examination will be used in the job recruitments. This idea has come up following the alarming increase of engineering students each year and the degrading quality of education in this stream.


Why there is a need of such evaluation test?

  • The total number of engineering colleges in the country, registered with AICTE is somewhere near 3,000. This produces near about seven lakh engineering graduates each and every year, who are looking for employment opportunities.
  • As per some research analysis, only 20 to 30 per cent engineering graduates land up getting a decent job within their stream/domain. Maximum of them switch to jobs of different sectors due to lack of good employment opportunities or lack of enough skills. For example, a mechanical engineering graduate opts for an IT job after pass out.
  • The lack of basic skills and knowledge is one of the factor, the companies are not recruiting fresh engineering graduates and are relying on the experienced ones.
  • Through the evaluation test planned, the aptitude and thinking capability of the engineering students will be evaluated which is very essential, apart from mere theoretical knowledge.
  • The tests conducted will also prove the level of teaching standards maintained in the government as well as private engineering colleges. Necessary improvements will also be brought is there is lack on the part of college.

Colleges with low teaching standards to be identified

Each engineering college operating under AICTE must have a certain level of teaching standards which is to be maintained. The final evaluation tests will bring up the loop holes in the education system. The colleges with the poorest results will be identified. Necessary remedial steps will be taken for the improvement of teaching mechanism in those engineering colleges. Those colleges will go through special teacher training program which will make the teachers ready to convey critical aptitude skills, soft skills, thinking capability, life skills to the students, apart from theoretical skills.

Making GATE like exit examination mandatory

The Govt. is also having an option of making the GATE examination or something similar to that, mandatory for each and every engineering student of the country. This examination is presently an optional one which is given by engineering students for admission of higher degree courses in top institutes like IITs. GATE like examination is the need of the hour to test and improve the understanding skills of the thousands of engineering students who pass every year and look for jobs. The Medical Council which looks after the medical colleges of the country has already drafted a policy under which every medical student must sit for one final exit test which is mandatory before granting them medical degrees. This is the result why, standards of medical education is way above the levels of engineering education in the country. The engineering students are banking on producing quantity graduates where as the medical colleges are focused on quality education.

Engineering institution should mandate the exit tests once approved

All the engineering colleges in India work under the undertaking of AICTE which provides the engineering degrees to the students. Once the decision to make the exit examination for the final year engineering students become mandatory, this has to be followed by each and every government, as well as private engineering college. AICTE will diagnose the results of each and every college exit examination after each academic session and will evaluate it. Those institutions which would not comply by the regulations may face approval status of AICTE and other strict actions.

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