Ex-gratia Scheme Nagaland

Ex-gratia Scheme in Nagaland for Students

The state government of Nagaland has launched an ex-gratia scheme for the students. The scheme is for the peoples who are studying in different states and who belong to schedule tribe and indigenous ethnic group. It is an initiative for the students who die of certain reason outside of state whole studying. The launch details are given below in tabular form.

Launch details

Name of the scheme Nagaland Ex-gratia Scheme for Students Studying outside Nagaland
Launched by Temjen Imna Along
Place of launch Nagaland
Date of launch 30th Oct
Target people Students who study outside the state

Key features of the scheme

  • Objective of the scheme- The scheme will work towards the students who stay outside of Nagaland for studying and belong to marginal group in the society.
  • Monetary help- According to rules of the scheme, the students who die of unfortunate reasons while studying in different state, his or her parents will receive 5 lakh rupees.
  • Claiming the money- According to the rules, the nominee of the scheme can claim money in one year after the death of the student.
  • Allotment of money- In order to provide the ex-gratia the state government created a fund of 5 crore rupees and made it a fixed deposit. The ex-gratia money will be given with the interest that comes from fixed deposit.

Eligibility of the scheme

  • Residents of state- The beneficiary needs to be the resident of state as the rule of the scheme asks to be.
  • Students are eligible- the scheme is targeted to the students of Nagaland who study in different state.
  • Schedule tribe and indigenous group- the scheme is applicable for the students who belong to marginal community in Nagaland and also study outside the state.
  • Recognizable institution- According to the rules, the students need to be enrolled into regular courses in a recognizable institution.
  • Bank account- To maintain transparency, the scheme asks the nominee to have personal bank account as the money will be debited directly to the account.

Required documents

As the scheme is a newly launched scheme so the details are not released yet; but it is believed that, regular identification certificates that validates the candidate was the resident of Nagaland are needed during application. Along with that cast certificate and student ID and certificate that validate existences of reputed education institution are needed. In order to get the money bank account detail is also required. You will be updated with detail once it is announced.

How to apply for the scheme?

As the scheme is lunched couple of days back, the details are not out yet. You will be updated once the details of application process are announced.

It is believed that this scheme is a safeguarding scheme to the parents who are left alone. The financial assistance will help the parents to live a healthy life after the tremendous loss. And the fund that is created is also wise so that no money is wasted. The scheme will help students to go outside the state and study with dignity.

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