EPF Balance Check Online, SMS, Mobile App, UAN, Missed Call, passbook

EPF Balance Check Online, SMS, Mobile App, UAN, Missed Call, passbook

Employee provident fund is one of the most important parts of salary breakup in most of the Indian pay slip. It is the first thing that most people check at the time when they are getting salary. The amount that is being deducted in the provident fund is not being taken into taxation and it is completely exempted from the calculations for income tax.

EPF Balance Check Online, SMS, Mobile App, UAN

Aid of modern technology

The entire EPF process has now turned out to be online entries wherein it is now very easy for employees for checking their balance within a short span of time and that too with a wide array of electronic devices. It is now possible because starting from the point of entry to that of processing, it is all made in the form of digital data, which will propagate through the system and will get updated very often through a wide array of database which is being handled by EPF authorities.

  1. Checking EPF balance in Online:

If employee want to make use of the facility of online checking of EPF, it is an essential thing that they must make sure is that they have to register their email address and mobile number to the EPF account.

The process is very simple like that it will be completed just with the help of one time password that will be sent to the registered mobile number. It is very easy for employee to check balance just by logging into the website of EPF. There is no necessity for any person to wait for a long time or move anywhere to provide application or request.

S.NoTo check EPF balance in OnlineProcedure
1Open Official Websitehttp://www.epfindia.com/site_en/KYEPFB.php
2Know Your BalanceAfter selecting the link shown in the bottom, select appropriate PF office and EPF account.
3Filling EPF A/c No.On the opened page after selecting right EPF state/city, enter your EPF account number correctly and click submit
4Getting EPF BalanceNow the EPF balance will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile
  1. 2. Checking EPF balance via Mobile APP:
S.NoTo check EPF balance using AppProcedure
1Selecting MemberSelect EPF member on EPF mobile App
2Entering UAN NumberEnter your 12  digit UAN numbers by using balance/passbook option under the member link
3Viewing your personal detailsIf entered UAN number is correct, it will displays your personal details like name, DOB, PAN, Aadhaar and last monthly EPF contribution
4Viewing past 7 month EPF StatementSelect “View Passbook” option after entering your UAN number to view last 7 months detailed statement

EPF app and its advantages

  • Usage of mobile phones has increased a lot in the recent days. To make sure those users of android based phones can have an added advantage; EPF has introduced the scheme of app which is designed especially for those people who are tired of typing passwords.
  • When user registers their account number and done with all the necessary steps, then there is no necessity for users to again type their password or any other thing. Just with the help of the app account balance can be viewable upon a click.
  • Another advantage of making use of the app is that there is no necessity for users to make use of any forms or fill out anything. Whatever important documents that is required for applying or modifying the account, it can be done conveniently with the help of the app.
  • There is no necessity for EPF users to go back to the website. Whatever user has given at the time of registering the app will be stored in it permanently which will be used in the relevant fields whenever user come across.
  1. 3. Checking EPF balance via UAN:

Below listed steps are to be followed in order to check the existing EPF balance via UAN (Universal Account Number). UAN is a unique number assigned to each and every employee, which is generated while logging into the EPF website. With the registered UAN number, employees can able to receive EPF balance details in their mobiles via SMS.

S.NoTo check EPF balance using UANProcedure
1Opening official web site Logon to your account by using respective credentials UAN number as username and desire password by visiting http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/
2Entering UAN NumberOnce logged in, enter 12 digit Universal account number in respective field along with the registered mobile number for receiving EPF statement
3Selecting EPF accountHere need to select the respective EPF office along with selecting the state
4EPF Balance details on mobileAt last web page will ask captcha code, after entering, EPF details will be sent to respective mobile phone via SMS
  1. 4. Check EPF balance via SMS or Missed Call

Checking EPF balance details via SMS or by MISSED Call, would be the handy method for many employees, who not able to get access the internet. However, there are certain things to be merged with the EPF account in order to avail this facility.  Below listed points will elaborate more.

  • Employees must have registered and activated UAN (Universal Account Number), along with the active mobile number registered with the EPF department.
  • Also employees’ needs to be aware of their Aadhaar number and KYC documents, in fact, Aadhaar number and KYC documents must be integrated with the UAN of specific employees.
  • Once Aadhaar number or PAN number integrated with UAN, giving missed call to “01122901406” would be enough, for receiving SMS regarding existing EPF balance to the registered mobile number.

Accessing and downloading EPF passbook

EPF passbook which is similar to the bank passbook which consists of all the transactions details held in the respective EPF account. EPF passbook can be downloaded with UAN portal (http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/)or by using Member portal of EPFO (http://members.epfoservices.in/). However, employees must be a registered in those two respective sites in order to download the EPF passbook.

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