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Elvis Gomes biography (GOA)

Elvis Gomes Biography (GOA)

Elvis Gomes biography (GOA)

Elvis Gomes is the popular personality that many Indians follow. He was the bureaucratic civilian from Goa. His way of work and his dedication for the work that he was suppose to do has always remained up to the mark and that has created a special identity for himself. His dedication and hard work has paid him success and that has made people to realize about his personality and his presence.

Elvis Gomes biography (GOA)

He was a civil servant and at the same times an officer who performed his services in the best possible way. He was also the candidate who was nominated by the chief minister and during this time the Aam Admi Party was in charge who are elected in Goa assemble election for the year 2017. Earlier Mr. Gomes were part of bureaucratic post and during the process he was handling the post of commissioner of the city corporation of Panaji, Inspector General of Prisons, captain of ports, director of tourism and many more respected posts across the state.

Life history

Elvis P Gomes was born on the popular day of 1st January in the year of 1963. He was a mediocre student during his school days but his hard work and dedication for his duty has taken him to the heights from where he would take multiple decisions and work as an honest and effective employee for the government. He is basically from a common family and therefore completed his educations from the government institutions. But the approach by which he competed his education took him to success today millions of people across the nation would salute him for his hard work and his dedication.

Ladder to success

Since 1987 Gomes has been serving the Central Excise department and he continued to serve his service for ten years. During his ten years he has visited several places like Sindhudurg, Pune, Ratnagiri, and Mumbai and at every place he has came out with solutions that were for the betterment of the common people. He secured the second position in the Goa State Public Service Commission exam and he passed the exam in the second year and thereby he was elected as an officer for the post of state civil service. Since then he went on to have the promotions and that provided him with multiple high profile positions with the state government.

The positions that he was posted are listed in the points given below:

  • He was the commissioner of City Corporation in the place known as Panaji.
  • He was also the reputed Member Secretary of Goa housing board.
  • He was also in the post of director of tourism.
  • He was also associated with the sports and was nominated as the Member secretary of Goa Football Development Council
  • He was also nominated as the managing director of Goa Tourism Development Corporation.


When he was in the post of Municipal Commissioner of the port of the city Vasco he was provided lots of honor for maintaining the city and thereafter he was reputed for a mass movement that was initiated by him for the “Clean and Green Vasco”. With such movement he not only maintained the city cleanliness of the city but also increased the number of greeneries across the city of Vasco.

He was also recognized as one of the leader who took active step to initiate the women empowerment and thereby the women who are ill-treated in the society got the right platform to succeed and therefore he got huge response from several parts of the nation. The process helped numbers of women from district Baina to have a different life where they could stand up straight and could lead their life in their own way.

Several measures taken by him

  • When he was the captain of the port he introduced several measures and with such measures people across the nation was greatly benefited and that improved the functioning of the schools that are handling the departments of these particular sectors like the maritime schools.
  • He was elected as the director of tourism in the year 2007 and after he was nominated to that post he developed the life guarding services for the tourists in the coastline of Goa. By such implementation he not only benefited the tourists from the nation but also for the tourists who are visiting Goa from across the world.
  • When he was appointed to the field of sports, he took active participation in the sport events and encouraged the players for having success and developed several infrastructures which could benefit the sports within the state as well as within the nation.

Tabular column

NAMEElvis P Gomes
DATE OF BIRTH1st January 1963
EX PROFESSIONBureaucratic civilian
PRESENTLY  President of Goa Football Association

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