Friday , December 14 2018
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Edappadi K. Palaniswami CM Tamil Nadu Biography

Edappadi K. Palaniswami CM Tamil Nadu Biography

Edappadi K. Palaniswami CM Tamil Nadu Biography

On the first day of his working day as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, K Palaniswami has made an announcement of various schemes for the inhabitants of the state. The newly appointed CM, representing AIADMK, Palaniswami is keen to serve the people of the state in far better way than earlier times. He, on his first day in CM office, stated about starting up of many schemes and also revised many old schemes that were active during Amma’s time.

Edappadi K. Palaniswami CM Tamil Nadu Biography

The welfare schemes

  • To start with, Palaniswami has taken the name of the scheme Amma Two Wheeler Scheme that started long time back. According to the scheme young women will get financial assistance to buy two-wheelers. The scheme says all the applicants (100,000 women) will get 50% of the price of the two wheelers that is up to Rs. 20, 000/- per person.
  • The next scheme he has talked about was for the pregnant women living across the state. Under this scheme pregnant women were used to get Rs. 12, 000/- as financial help. Now Palaniswami increased the amount to Rs. 18, 000/-. It will be beneficial for nearly 600, 000 women in the state.
  • Following these scheme, Palaniswami also mentioned about doubling the unemployment allowances. For the 10th failed, the amount will be 200/-, 300/- for the 10th passed, for the 12th failed 400/- will be allocated and finally 600/- will be given to graduates and post graduates in the state.
  • This is not the end here, Palaniswami has also promised to build nearly 5000 houses for the fishermen across the nation. Tamil Nadu, being the coastal state, the fishermen plays a big role in state’s annual production/income. To encourage them, this decision has been taken.
  • Lastly he also proposed for another scheme which is quite big. The big scheme he has introduced is about shutting down at least 500 liquor shops across the state. Along with this drought affected farmers will get donations as well.

The Allocated budget

  • The located budget for different scheme is different. The Amma two Wheeler Scheme shows the budget of Rs. 200 Cr. This is recorded as per year costing for the government.
  • The second scheme that is allowances for the unemployed will cost extra 31 Cr per year. Also the scheme for pregnant women shows Rs. 360 Cr per annum of cost.
  • Another Rs. 85 Cr will be allocated for building the houses of the fishermen. Other schemes like allowances to draught affected farmers or liquor shop shutting down have not been declared as of now.

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