Wednesday , September 19 2018

ECI Apps Launched by Election Commission will Provide Information of Elections

ECI Apps Launched by Election Commission will Provide Information of Elections

The ECI has launched a new mobile application ahead of the polls to be organized in the five states of India. This mobile app is named as ECI Apps and can be downloaded for getting election related all sorts of information by general public. Through this app, one can not only get the details of the voting machinery, but also provide feedbacks related to voting procedure directly to the ECI. The main aim of this mobile application is to create transparency among the participants of this election system and include the citizens digitally. This new application is aimed to organize all existing websites and applications by ECI to help voters and bring them under one single umbrella.

ECI Apps Launched by Election Commission will Provide Information of Elections

How to download the ECI Apps?

For now, the ECI has released the Android version of the app. The ECI Apps is available for download in the Google play store which can be downloaded and installed by any smart phone user with Android OS. However, the ECI has also announced that the ECI Apps will also be launched for iOS platform and can be accessed by the iPhone users. On visiting the app store, the ECI Apps can be downloaded and installed in the phone which will be one single solution to all your election related queries.

Some important features of the ECI Apps:

  • The ECI Apps will be the universal portal to get details about the election system in India where voters as well as candidates may fetch information. All other websites and applications will be merged under this single app.
  • Through this app, one can generate online voter slip or search his / her name in the voting list. One can also locate the polling station where the voter will have to visit for voting on polling day. In case of new voters, one can download the Form 6 through this app.
  • Detailed information related to the candidates will be available in the app. Background of the candidates contesting for one constituency can be accessed with ease along with their electoral affidavits.
  • On the poll counting day, the app users will get to know the trends of evaluation and margins of winning and losing candidates. The final results will be published after the counting is over.
  • Complaint submission is one of the major aspects of the ECI Apps through which one can submit their grievance directly to the ECI in case of some discrepancies in the election system so that necessary measures can be initiated.
  • This app will be bringing the ECI one step closer to its aim to connect with the citizens digitally and make them participate in the country’s voting system.
Sl. No. Attributes Related data
1 Name of app ECI Apps
2 Download link for Android users
3 Who can use it? 1.     Elector

2.     Election Officials

3.     Candidate

4.     Citizens

5.     Media

6.     Political Party

4 States where elections will be held Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Punjab and Manipur
5 iOS version Will be available soon


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