E-Kharid Program in Haryana

E-Kharid Program in Haryana

As India moving towards the digital, according to the Prime Minister dream of Digital India. Many government policies, plans and schemes are being digitalized. The government itself is providing e-governance to its own people. In recent times, several schemes are introduced in digital format by government; also e-services centres are established in several cities and towns across the nation.

E-Kharid Program in Haryana

A Brief about the E-Kharid Program

Under the guidelines of the central government, the state government of Haryana has taken several revolutionized steps to make India digital. One of the most revolutionized schemes that introduced by the state government of Haryana is the E-Kharid Program. The e-program has launched few months before September month of 2016.

The E-Kharid Program was established in order to offer e-governance services to the state farmers. Under this program the government of Haryana’s Food and supply Department along with the State’s Agricultural Marketing Board has started the online portal named “e-kharid”. The portal is specially designed to for farmer’s beneficial; farmers across the state can able to gain several useful information and valid details about the cultivation from the online portal e-Kharid.

Features and Benefits of online portal E-Kharid

  • With the help of e-kharid online portal, the farmers from the state of Haryana would be able to perform the trading business easily by themselves, by doing do they can avoid the middlemen.
  • Due to the negligence of middlemen in order to approach the traders for the business, the Haryana farmers would able to get more profit as they don’t need to pay commissions to the middlemen.
  • The online portal of E-Kharid offers valid information about cultivation that empowers the farmers to act according to the real time situation in order to gain more profit and avail the payment in timely.

As far as the reports received from the trusted sources it is estimated that more than 2.5Lakh farmers from the state of Haryana have been registered in online portal E-kharid already and about 25k Arhtiya/Traders too registered in the portal. The state government of Haryana has already started to purchase crops and other farming related things in online. With respect to the statement released by the relevant authorities from government, it is stated that, the Haryana government has partnered with various organizations and traders for the worth of Rs. 200 Crore through the online portal E-Kharid.

In the year of 2016, the Haryana state government has transacted the paddy crop which is worth of near about Rs. 1000 crore through this online farmer’s portal E-Kharid. Since, the all the trading operations are carried directly in-between the respective person in online, the entire process revels more transparency.

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