Process to check status and pay e challan at Hyderabad (Cyberabad) Online

Process to check status and pay e challan at Hyderabad (Cyberabad) Online

First of all let us understand what an e challan is. A Challan is a way of crediting the money to anyone’s bank account by a form. Now you may be accustomed with challans – these are produced especially in the traffic signals for not obeying the traffic rules. If this is the case then e challans are nothing but those challans that are produced electronically. The e-challans have become increasingly popular in India. Especially in the state of Hyderabad, they are now fully functional.

e challan at Hyderabad

Traffic e-challan at Hyderabad

The government of Andhra Pradesh has enabled the payments via e-challans. Earlier when this system was not present, a person would have to go through a lot of hassle to pay their challans. Now they can pay the money due with challans at the spot. The government of Hyderabad has enabled this system for this purpose with the help of PDAs.

Along with this new hassle less challan payment system there is also an online wing to check the status. This means that if there is a traffic offence registered under your vehicle, you can check it online. All the details including the fine amount, the nature of the traffic offence and the total amount of fine paid, will be shown there in that government database which you can access.

Types of Challans

Now that we have understood what an challan will be like, let us see the types that are there.

Any type of violation of the motor vehicle rules of Hyderabad (or Cyberabad as they call it), will lead to the formation of challans. But there are two distinctive types of challans that you must be aware of –

  1. Investigative: The investigative of challan is created when the investigation cameras have caught you breaking some road rules. This challans print the defilement pictures mechanically and they are printed out on challan itself electronically.
  2. Digital camera: This type of challan is cut when the cops on field take pictures of you doing the deed. They maintain these pictures for their future reference and the defilement is then given a challan.

The cops at Hyderabad have kept records of all the defilements or e-challans that have been committed recently.

How to check e-challan status online?

Has there been an challan cut for you recently? Do you want to check the status? It is very easy just head over to the official Cyberabad website to check all the pending challans that are registered under your vehicle. What’s more? You can also pay challan amount online via Net Banking.

Here’s how you can check it step by step –

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of the Hyderabad Police e-challan department which is – or both of these sites work.
  • Step 2: once you have entered the website you will be given a form. On this form you will have to give the number of your vehicle, which challan status you want to check. There will be two columns – one where you enter the vehicle number and another where you enter the security code or captcha (beside the vehicle number).
  • Step 3: If you have any pending challans for your vehicle then you will be able to see those now. Otherwise, there will just be a dialog box that will show the message “no pending challan”.
  • Step 4: Now let us assume that you have a pending challan. You will be able to see the type of challan and the amount that has been fined .you can also see the deed that has caused challan to exist in the first place. If you have the image of the deed then you will also have the link to “more details”. If not, you will be notified where you can get the image on this page.
  • Step 5: Now if you have opened the details, you should be able to make the payments at this page. You can choose the option “Net Banking” and go forward to pay it online.
  • Step 5: If you find that there is something wrong with your challan, for example, the photo is not yours or the vehicle number is wrong or the deed is not something you have committed or the photo is missing, then you can contact the authorities. There is an option called “report to us”. Report the entire nature of the issue with your details on that page and you will be assisted ASAP.

Various options to clear your dues

Now earlier we told you how you could clear your dues using Net Banking, but if that isn’t easy for you, don’t worry. There are many other ways to clear your dues. In fact there are three main ways you can clear your challan online. Those are –

  1. After you have verified the details of your challan via the aforementioned method, select the e-Seva or AP Online or Net Banking option to clear your dues.
  2. This will open an “Instructions” page where the instructions as per the traffic challan payment will be enlisted. The how-tos of the Hyderabad challan will be mentioned here for you to take note of.
  3. Now the last and final step is to make the payment for doing this you will get only two options – you can either pay via SBI or ICICI bank.

Impact of Hyderabad

One of the first things that strike the road rule breaker’s mind is that no one’s watching and that he or she can just get away with it. But not anymore. With the pictures being taken on the spot and the cops being watching it under surveillance, the offenders will take much more precaution.

Also it has become easier for the cops and the general masses to collect challans. The e-payment has made it hassle and corruption free to a large extent.

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