Dial *99# USSD Code for Mobile Banking Services : Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement & Fund Transfer through IMPS

Dial *99# for USSD Code for Mobile Banking Services : Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement & Fund Transfer through IMPS

Gone are those days when you had to visit the bank every time and stand in queue to know the status of your bank account or to transfer funds. These days, banking services can easily be availed at the palm of your hand with the help of the banking helpline USSD *99#. This is the universal code for all banking solutions and queries, which can be applied for all network providers. One can use the mobile to control his bank accounts and banking transactions. The users can just use the *99# service, anytime and anywhere through their mobile handsets.

Dial *99# for USSD Code for Mobile Banking Services : Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement & Fund Transfer through IMPS

USSD code – *99# for all banking solutions

USSD codes are referred to as those text codes which link the mobile server with an application stored in another network. This is an exclusive feature of the GSM technology. In this case, the USSD code *99# is a media to connect the mobile services with the banking network and fetch data. By dialing the *99#, a user can easily get linked to his banking facilities. But for using this service, the mobile number used must be pre – registered with the bank account so that he customer can be identified by the bank. Almost every nationalized and regional banks offer this mobile banking facility through USSD code to its customers. This service is available 24X7. So it is a very useful service when the banks has holidays or is closed.

Internet not required for the *99# USSD banking service

Many might wonder that this facility will require internet. But the fact is, no internet connection is needed at all for using the banking service – *99#. It is a universal code, which can be used for almost bank and for every telephone network provider. The only requirement to avail this easy mobile banking service is a GSM handset. Smart phones are also not needed in this case, as there is no internet or app involved for getting this facility. Normal handsets will swiftly serve the purpose. So, only network connectivity on GSM networks is needed for the users to get this facility on their mobiles, anytime and anywhere. One do not need to be too tech savvy for using this simple service.

Charges to sue the *99# USSD banking service

The easy banking facility through USSD code *99# is available for all the network providers in the country. However, it is not a free service. A charge of Rs. 1.50 is taken by the network service providers for every such session. This charge will automatically be debited from the main balance of mobile. This charge is very affordable and can save lot of time and effort of visiting the bank and make transactions. But as per TRAI regulations, *99# do not have any additional charges for roaming. So customers while in roaming can also enjoy this service at the same cost of Rs. 1.50.

 What are the banking services that *99# offer?

Almost all daily banking needs of a person can be satisfied by the *99# USSD banking service. Apart from normal financial banking services, one can perform several other non-financial services. The main banking service, a customer will get is the transfer facility of funds. One can send funds from own bank account to other accounts bust with the help of this USSD service. Apart from this, a person can make balance enquire of the bank account with it. To get the statement of the few last transactions of the account, one can get mini statement. Users can generate OTP and MPIN also from their mobiles for use in banking transactions. One will also be able to find out whether his/her Aadhar card is linked with the bank account or not, through this service.

 Steps for accessing *99# USSD service

One will just need a GSM handset, which may not be a smart phone to avail the service. The mobile number to be sues will be the registered mobile no. with the bank account. The first step is dialing the USSD code – *99# from the registered mobile. A NUUP welcome message will be displayed. It will then ask for bank’s code as an input, which can be given. The one can select from the list of banking services.

Fund Transfer

Customers can easily use the fund transfer facility of *99# for transferring purposes. It will use the IMPS banking technology to transfer the funds from the owner’s account to another beneficiary’s account. All step of debit and credit will be made instantly and there will be no delay in the service. A charge of 25 paisa is taken as NPCI charge for every transfer transaction. The charge for IMPS service may vary from bank to bank. There is a upper limit of the maximum fund transfer per day, which is Rs. 5,000. Transfer of funds can be made using the *99# service using various ways. First is the MMID based transfer. It uses the mobile no. linked with the beneficiary account to transfer the funds. Next is the fund transfer through using IFSC code and bank account details of the beneficiary. The last is fund transfer through Aadhar no. of the beneficiary.

Sl. No.ServicesUsage steps
1Starting *99# servicea. Dial *99#

b. Enter Bank’s short name in three letters or enter the IFCS Code’s first 4 letters.

c. Select the transaction type.

2Generate MPINa. Dial *99# and select bank.

b. Select SET MPIN. (Option 7)

c. Follow instructions

3Fund Transfer through MMIDa. Dial *99# and select bank.

b. Select FUND TRANSFER USING MMID (option 3) followed by your registered mobile no.

c. Enter beneficiary’s mobile number, MMID code, amount and remarks.

d. Enter the MPIN followed by last 4 digits of account no.

4Fund Transfer through IFSC servicea. Dial *99# and select bank.


c.    Enter beneficiary’s account no, IFSC, amount and remarks.

d. Enter the MPIN followed by last 4 digits of account no.

5Fund Transfer through Aadhar carda. Dial *99# and select bank.


c.    Enter beneficiary Aadhaar No.

d. Enter the MPIN followed by last 4 digits of account no.

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