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The complete details to know about Syska Mobile insurance and cost

The complete details to know about Syska Mobile insurance and cost

We all make use of different smartphones and gadgets. And a lot of times, it happens that those gadgets slip off our hands, or due to any other reasons, get damaged. At present, there are innumerable costly gadgets, which we cannot afford to get damaged. And this is why insuring the gadgets are so important. With the Syska gadget insurance in place, you will be secured from any damage from your end, theft or other security issues in your mobile phones. Apart from offering your gadget a security and insurance, you will be provided with additional features like movies, and entertainment videos that are completely free. With Syska gadget secure, the users will have complete access to the discount offers, throughout India from authorized dealers. In this article we will offer you with complete details about Syska mobile insurance coverage.

The complete details to know about Syska Mobile insurance

Considering all the terms and conditions available on the certificate, the Syska mobile insurance will offer insurance as stated on a year to year basis. And that insurance will be effective only in case your gadget faces any damage, theft, antivirus or any other security issues. The coverage shall take place within 24 hours of the day you scratch the coupon for your mobile. The date till which the insurance prevails will be specified in the certificate issued to customers. It will also contain the receipt, invoice and any other documents.

  • What do Syska mobile insure?

It insures you gadget from a direct physical damage or loss, theft, robbery, security protection as long as you are eligible for the coverage. In case of any covered loss, Syska will make sure the gadget is recovered. The insurance coverage will be provided after knowing the proper cause of loss. And the coverage will be according to the terms, conditions, and limits of insurance stated in the certificate.

  • Details of the Syska total security

The Syska total security is going to protect your phone from malware, spyware and any phishing sites through the best antivirus. A complete insurance coverage from water, fire and accidental damage.

You will have the option of tracking your device through the Syska antivirus protection. You will have a remote control. This ensures that you have a remote back up of the contacts and sensitive data within your device.

For entertainment, you will get HD movies and videos as stated above. For now, the insurance is available to the new gadgets only. To complete the mobile insurance process, you need to get in contact with the nearest mobile dealer. You can also purchase the Syska mobile insurance separately through net banking, credit or debit cards to secure your gadget.

  • How often can you claim the policy in 12 months?

In a period of 12 months, there is no limit for claiming the policy. But you will get the refund up to that amount which you insure. If the amount is crossed in single time, you will not be able to claim till you fill premiums. So basically it is same as any other policies.

  • Covering a child’s gadget within the policy of the parent? Is it possible?

According to Syska mobile insurance plans, this cannot be done. This will be a complete violation of the Syska mobile insurance policy. It will be treated as a type of cheating.

  • The details to purchase from nearest mobile retailer

The first step is you have to buy the insurance kit from the mobile retailer during any new mobile purchase. There are different plans, and we will tell about it in this article. But make sure you select a plan according to your budget.

Complete the registration process after you have downloaded the app from Google play. Because without registration you cannot use the app. Registration will give you the coupon code, barcode.

Now you will have to fill up the KYC details in the app. After the app is successfully installed, you can now install the anti-virus, music, movies, and games from that App. Once you complete the registration, you will be texted with keys to get the antivirus, movies and games.

  • The process for purchasing mobile insurance online

At first you have to select the suitable plan according to your budget. Then you can fill up the details in the online form. After that make payment through the credit/debit card or net banking.

After you have made the payment, the coupon code will be sent to your registered mobile. Now you can unlock all the features after downloading the Syska mobile insurance app from Google Play.

The rest is same as mentioned in above process.

  • What will not be covered?

There will be no coverage if the coupon is registered after 48 hours. In case of any illegal transportation, the property will not be covered. If any property that is transited to you from a manufacturer or seller that is not an authorized service facility, will not be covered.

Certain materials like personalized data, contact lists, photos, videos, and music will not be covered. Also any customized software, like personal information, ringtones, games or screen savers will not be covered.

Apart from offering antivirus and remote back up, there is no preventive maintenance offered by Syska mobile insurance. Recovery actions will be taken up after anything happens to your device. The gadget accessories are not covered under the insurance.

  • If the handset is broken by any other family member or a friend?

In case the product is damaged by a third party, it will not be covered under the insurance policy. If the owner of insurance is not responsible for the damage, the policy will not cover the damage. Also, a second hand gadget is not covered under the policy. And pickpockets are also not covered in the Syska Mobile insurance policy.

  • Can I cancel my policy?

No, once you have made the policy, you cannot cancel it. Either you can use the policy in case of any accidents or damage, or you can just wait till the policy expires. But you can never cancel a policy and ask for refund.

  • What are the exclusions?

The company will not pay you for the loss caused directly or indirectly under certain circumstances. These losses will be excluded. And here is the list of losses.

Loss due to intentional damage of covered property, loss due to dishonest or fraudulent, criminal activities by you or your family members, your employees, or anyone you trust will not be covered within the insurance coverage.

The loss caused by faulty construction, or system configuration will not be covered. The loss caused due to normal wear and tear, gradual deterioration, los caused by computer virus directly or indirectly will not be covered. The loss caused due to nuclear hazard, radiation or any radioactive material will not be covered by the Syska mobile insurance. The loss caused by war or war like actions from the government or military will not be covered.

  • What are the depriciations involved in Syska Mobile insurance?

In case of the partial loss, there is 0% depreciation costs involved, for the total loss, or a theft within 6 months there will be 25% depreciation cost involved and after 6 months, there will be 50% depreciation of invoice value.

  • What are the conditions regarding any loss?

In case of the loss, the first attempt of the company is to recover the device. And the recovery will be done in collaboration with the Authorized service facility.

In case the recovery of the device is done, the insured subscriber will not be given any monetary claims. And if the gadget cannot be recovered, then, monetary claims will be given after a proper investigation by the service provider.

  • What are your duties in case of loss or theft?

If your property is lost or stolen, the first thing you need to do is notify the service provider ASAP to stop the service of your mobile. Then you need to make a police complaint. Submit the documents supporting your claims.

In case the claim involves the violation of a law of possession, you need to inform the law enforcement officer right away. Report the loss of property in 48 hours. Because if you fail to report within 48 hours you will not be provided with your claim. Report your claims through authorized representatives. Any reports from unauthorized personnel will not be fulfilled.

If the loss is due to an attempt of robbery, theft or vandalism, then you have to provide Syska with detailed proof, police statement and a report. A copy of police report is necessary. If the gadget is not stolen away, you need to keep the product with you in case of any other damage for proper investigation and claims. And you have to co-operate with the investigation process. You need to give the documents of original bill and your photo ID issued by government.

  • What do you need to do in case of repair loss?

The very first step is to call the customer care number at 180030027090. And remember to report the damage within 48 hours. After that, ask the customer care executive regarding the documents you have to bring. Know what you will bring and also note down the claim identification number.

You will need three photographs of damaged headset, 1 photo showing IMEI number clearly and the other two showing the CIN. Apart from that you will need Xerox of original bill, KYC documents, insurance claims forms, incidental report and cancelled cheque.

The next step is Syska mobile insurance customer care executive will guide you about the Authorized service center. The service center will upload the documents on portal along with the estimate of repair. In case it can be repaired, the customer will be notified about the delivery date. And if it is rejected, the customer will be notified about the claims of insurance.

For a total loss, you will be given the claims. But there will be the reduction of a depreciation value. The rest amount will be given to you. The depreciation slab can change according to company discretion before informing customers.

  • What is the process in case of theft insurance claim?

The first step is to call the customer care of Syska mobile insurance. Then you will be given a claim identity number.

After that, you need to report the theft of your mobile to a police station. Get an intimation letter properly signed and stamped. You have to do it in 48 hours.

After you have blocked the SIM cards, you have to get a copy that proves SIM cards have been properly blocked. A covering letter, original invoice, self attested Photo ID and also a copy of insurance claims, a cancelled cheque and a subrogation letter as documents.

  • How long will your policy cover last?

The policy cover is going to last for 12 months. It starts within 24 hours of your registration. The insurance will be provided as a compliment along with Syska secure pack.

  • What additional benefits Syska mobile insurance offers?

Syska Live TV: This will offer you with the live TV channels, TV shows, the latest Hindi and regional programs.

Syska Music: You can get unlimited access to music. 2.5 million Songs, video and music collection. You can get music in all languages in India.

Complimentary benefits include a gadget security and hassle free claiming process for the insurance. You can track and block your lost or stolen phone. This is how Syska mobile insurance offers you a complete control over your device. You can have more than 3000 HD movies across different genres, languages and categories with Syska stream and download features. You will be able to download more than 100 games from the collection of free high quality games pack offered in Syska mobile insurance. The Syska Live TV is actually powered by Ditto TV, and Syska Music is powered by Hungama music.

A tabular overview about the different plans for Syska mobile insurance

Plans Covers from Allowed for platforms Addon apps
1199 10001 to 15000 (device value) Android, windows, Games on the go, cleartrip, makemytrip, Syska total security, OLX
1799 15001 to 20000 Android, Windows Pokkt Money, OLX, Syska Total security, games on the go, Make My trip, Cleartrip
2399 20001 to 110000 Android, Windows News and Magazine, hungama, free songs and videos, Ditto TV Live and complimentary games
2999 10000 to 120000 IOS  

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