Tuesday , September 18 2018

Delhi is India’s 1st airport e-Shopping platform for flyers

Delhi is India’s 1st airport e-Shopping platform for flyers

As the entire nation, India is promoting itself towards the digital format the current ruling NDA government launches more and more innovative schemes to drive people towards digitalization. In the latest addition to the digitalization process, the Delhi International Airport Ltd (DAIL) has announced the facility of performing online shopping to the domestic flyers. By doing so the Delhi airport becomes the first airport which supports e-shopping platform.

India’s 1st airport e-Shopping platform for flyers

About the airport e-shopping portal in Delhi airport

  • The main objective of this shopping portal is to make the customer experience better and to also low them to shop while travelling in a better and convenient manner.
  • The domestic flyers within the country will be able to gain the benefits of shopping in airports via online for the products which are listed with around 20 categories.
  • The products under this e-shopping portal will be sold at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 of the domestic departures. The travelers will be able to choose the available products under each of the category in the menu list that will be available on the shopping portal.
  • The travelers will be able to collect the pre-products from the terminals and then make the payment right there by cash or card. The order of the products can be made from 30 days till 12 hours before the time of travel.
  • The ordering procedure will be made quite simple so that more and more travelers are willing to buying products from the online shopping store.

More about the e-shopping platform introduced in airport

The main objective of the e-shopping portal at the airport is to target the fast moving and savvy customers and travelers who want such quick and digitized shopping experience and opportunities. These customers will be able to buy products in a much digitized manner and in a hassle free manner as well. To attract more and more travelers to this from of shopping the shop will offer various interesting deals and offers. The best part will be quick and instant delivery of the products. The products can be delivered at homes as well. It has been announced that this shopping facility will be extended to the international travelers as well, in some time.

The target group will be niche one but then now most customers use smartphones and can be attracted to this form of shopping. The authority of the Delhi Airport have also said that they would focus on bringing in more attractive and customer friendly features to this shopping portal.

Online mode of shopping is always a trendy thing carried by all class people, for domestic travelers it would be the great news that as they can purchase products in online well before they reaches the place and it allows them to pick when they are in need.


The new age of shopping trend has just been introduced in Indian airports and Delhi airports took the pride of being a 1st airport to introduce such facilities. By releasing the official URL by the Delhi International Airport (Pvt) Ltd (DIAL), the domestic flyers can enjoy the new age of e-shopping while travelling.

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