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PM to launch DD Arun Prabha on Feb 15

PM to launch DD Arun Prabha on Feb 15

According to latest updates from the PMO the Prime Minister has announced to inaugurate and launch the new television channel termed as Arun Prabha. According to the sources, the channel is a new update that is added to the list of national television network run and supervised by Door Darshan (DD – National Television Network).

Launch details

The launch of the new television channel for DD will be done by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially on February 15th 2018. The program for launch and inauguration has been set at the time of the official visit of PM within the North Eastern region. The sources have also confirmed that the launch program will be inaugurated along with addressing the inauguration program at the Civil Secretariat complex within the state. The entire launch event will be hosted at the states Chief Ministers office.

Key Features

  • The sources have stated that the new television channel is a 24 X 7 broadcasting service that will be relayed over the satellite as a package offered by the DD –National Telecast.
  • The officials have also stated that the new television channel is developed to help relay and broadcast programs related to North Easter states diverse and unified culture and traditions. With the new launch the sources have also confirmed that the channel is second of its kind that has been launched for the North Eastern states.
  • Presently the local government owned Television network is already broadcasting one of the local channels for the state termed as DD-North East. Under this broad cast the state government is also showcasing a number of information based programs for the local people along with wide variety of entertainment programs.
  • The local channel is presently broadcasting shows and programs in multiple local languages including English, Bengali, Assamese and other regional languages that are spoken within the North Eastern regions.
  • The PM has sources have also confirmed that PM would lay foundations for a number of other related issues within the state at the time of inauguration program along with addressing a local rally for the public of the state. The event for addressing the rally has been organized at the Gandhi park area.


Keeping in mind the effect and impact of present time media on the minds of the local people the government has taken the new initiative of presenting them with new television network channel. With the new implementation the government expects to educate the local population about the rich and diverse culture of North Eastern states. As the channel will be broadcasted over satellite so it is obvious that people throughout the country can get familiar about the diverse and rich culture of the state.


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