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Schedule Vidhan Sabha Election 2017 Dates District Wise in Punjab, Goa, Manipur, uttarakhand

Schedule Vidhan Sabha Election 2017 Dates District Wise in Punjab, Goa, Manipur, uttarakhand

A critical time is ongoing for the country at present. There are elections in 4 states and all the political parties are gearing up for this judgment day. The election commission is yet to announce the dates for the elections in these states. However, it is known to us that the term of the legislative assembly ends for Manipur, Goa and Punjab on March 18th while that for Uttar Pradesh ends on may 27th and for Uttarakhand it expires on March 26th. So we can see that there is not too long a gap between these dates.

Vidhan Sabha Election 2017

Almost all the states have their term ending in the same month – except Uttar Pradesh. However, the UP elections are a major one for the political parties because they play a major role in deciding who will inherit the throne in the center in the coming few years.

Situation at present

As we all know, since it is the elections, the situation is pretty intense. So may states will have a new government regime and that will truly show the trend of the masses in favor or in opposition of the ruling party of the center. This is why there are different things that are currently going on within each territory. The scenario is –

  • Assembly Seats: Talking about Assembly seats, UP has the maximum number of assembly seats (403) and therefore it is of major interest to the political parties. However in the regional assessment each political party is trying its best to win from their own state. Therefore, they aren’t ignoring other states which have 117, 70, 60 and 40 seats in Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa respectively.
  • Security personnel: Since state elections are a grand matter of importance and they don’t want any miscreants on scene, the Union Home Ministry will deploy nearly 85,000 security personnel in all the states combined in the next few months. Also, there will be 750 paramilitary forces that are being readied right now for duty in the 5 states. Also, 100 forces from the State Armed Police Force and the Reserved Battalions will be called for the cause. Hence, you can expect that the security will be pretty tight in these areas.
  • Talks about Single Phase elections: Although nothing has been confirmed as of yet, it has been speculated that the elections in the Uttar Pradesh zone will be single phased. Many critics have raised concerns over this since UP is a large state and taking elections in a single phase there may not prove to be feasible.
  • Manipur issue: The issue in Manipur is getting heated up as the days for elections are moving forward. Therefore it has been speculated that the elections in this North Eastern state will take place in multiple phases. However, no official notice regarding the same has been released so far.

Situation in the states

It has been noted that as the day of the elections come closer, the situations in some states deteriorate because of a lot of political agitation over who is going to win the elections. However, this year the maximum disturbance has been noticed in the Manipur zone. This is because they were blocking the NH2 with the United Naga Council.

It has been 60 days and the state government has failed to resume normal traffic even then. This is why the state of affairs seems to be pretty much disturbed here and steps are to be taken. Comparatively, the situation is at a much better position in the states of Up, Goa and even Punjab, apparently.

However, whether or not the government will conduct a single phase election in these areas is still debatable.

Announcement of the poll dates

Whilst all this tension is ongoing, the poll dates have been announced by the Election commission. It only remains to be seen how the situation will be handled.

Dates and Seats in Vidhan Sabha Election 2017 (UP, Punjab, Goa, Manipur, Uttarakhand)

Election date Total Number of seats Results Would Declared on
UP Phase 1 11th Feb 2017, Phase 2 15th Feb 2017, Phase 3 19th Feb 2017, Phase 4 23rd Feb, Phase 5 27th Feb 2017,  Phase 6 3rd March 2017, Phase 7 7th March 2017 403 11th March 2017
Punjab 4th Feb 2017 117 11th March 2017
Goa 4th Feb 2017 40 11th March 2017
uttarakhand 15th Feb 217 70 11th March 2017
Manipur Phase 1 4th March 2017, Phase 2 8th match 2017 60 11th March 2017

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