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DataWind Unlimited Data | Stand Alone Android App by DataWind

DataWind Unlimited Data | Stand Alone Android App by DataWind

DataWind will be providing free and unlimited internet through an android app for a year. Any android user will be able to avail this facility. The main feature of this free internet plan is nobody will be obliged to insert a sim card in their mobile for availing free internet.

Generic Details about DataWind Company

  • DataWind is a company which mainly works on providing and manufacturing gadgets at a lower price.
  • The company aims to provide low cost gadgets in developing countries like India.
  • It has already provided a low cost tablet computer in India and the performance of the tablet is very good.

 DataWind has done incredibly well in India by launching the low priced tablet. DataWind will now launch a smartphone named Pocketsurfer GZ in India through which the users will be able to enjoy unlimited internet.

 Details of the Android App 

  • The name of the Android App is Stand Alone and the App will be launched on the Android platform only.
  • The main aim of the app is to attract Indian Android users as most of the Indian mobile users are mainly android users.
  • Most of the Android users look for cheaper plans for Internet and this app will try to meet their demands.
  • The Android App will be initially launched in India.

Cost of the Data Packs 

  • The Smartphone Pocketsurfer GZ will provide free internet connection for one year. Interested people will have to pay a onetime charge of Rs. 1499 for one year for buying Pocketsurfer GZ.
  • Stand Alone App will cost Rs. 99 to Rs. 150 for a single year.
  • If anybody wishes to use unlimited internet, they will have to buy the pre-paid data pack firstly.
  • Any Indian user using the Android Platform will be able to download the App named Stand Alone.
  • Buying the smartphone is not mandatory but downloading the app is mandatory for using free internet.
  • The data packs can be bought through online purchase and retailers will also sell data cards.

Procedure and Usage of the App

Any android user will be able to download the Stand Alone app through Google Play Store. After downloading the app a user will be connected to the DataWind internet system. Then they would be able to use free internet from the DataWind system. The data pack will support 2G speed. DataWind will allow a user to connect to any webpage from any browser and will offer 97% data saving while opening a webpage.


The launching date hasn’t been confirmed yet. But the app will certainly be impressive because it will offer 97% data savings upon opening a webpage. The speed of the data packs will be 2G but the company has vowed that the users will be able to browse all the websites with this speed. The company is still working hard on the connectivity part. This app will be highly appreciated in India because an offer of using unlimited internet for one year by spending Rs. 150 only is obviously attractive.

Summary of DataWind Free Internet

Company Name DataWind
Founded On Canada
Offer Free & Unlimited Internet for 1 year through Android App
App Name Stand Alone
Platform Android
Device Tablets & Android Mobile
Price Rs. 150 for the App for 1 year

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