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Cognizant Offers Work from Home 2 days a week in India

Cognizant Offers Work from Home 2 days a week in India

Cognizant, one of the IT giants has taken a major step to accelerate core business in India. In a recent e-mail conversation with a leading Indian newspaper a spokesperson representing the company said they have made work-from-home option easier for the employees from now on. Now the employees can take WFH option twice in a week. The flexibility is for the employees under corporate functions.

Cognizant Offers Work from Home 2 days a week in India

Work-From-Home for employees

The decision was made and arrived in India from company’s headquarter in New Jersey on Wednesday, 15th September 2016. According to the senior authorities the provision of WFH is an old decision and was there in the company for quite a long time now. But the flexibility of taking the provision twice in a week is definitely a new addition to it.

The flexibility is given to those employees who are involved in support functions and who are not into client facing functions under corporate functions. Work that involves in support functions can be done from home easily. So the employees who are not involved in direct client-facing activity can take WFH option twice in any week.

Reason behind this decision

The main reason behind this decision is to accelerate the core business under corporate functions. Once bulk employees leave the office space and start working from home, the office area gets more space for core business. Employees who are directly involved in client-facing functions can get more space to explore new strategies that involve client’s satisfaction.

Compensation and facility

  • India has 11 offices of Cognizant where nearly more than 1, 50, 000 employees are working at this moment. In Chennai office over 90% of the office space is blocked by the in support employees who can easily work from home.
  • According to a senior employee from Chennai Office, the corporate functions’ employees don’t need an office space to accommodate codes. If they work from home then they can accommodate more codes than normal office days, expectations come from a senior authority.
  • To provide this facility of WFH to the employees the company has decided to pay them Rs. 1500/- per month as the broadband charges / compensations.

Employees’ verdict

According to another employee working under corporate functions, the provision comes out as mixed result. The effect can be good as well as bad. The good part is they will be at home and don’t need to travel anywhere and the bad part is now they won’t have any workstations. When they come to office they might be shifted to some other place.

Organisation Cognizant
Nature IT company
Headquarters New Jersey
Facility WFH twice a week
Beneficiaries Employees in corporate functions
Benefits Rs. 1500/- per month for broadband charges

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