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Claim BHIM App Cashback Scheme upto Rs 1000 for both Customer and Merchant

Claim BHIM App Cashback Scheme upto Rs 1000 for both Customer and Merchant

The new BHIM App features have been launched by the Central Government under the BHIM App Cashback Scheme. Under this new feature the Central Government has announced to offer beneficiaries with Cash back facility of Rs 1000 for Merchants and Rs 750 for regular BHIM customers. The govt. has also stated that the BHIM Scheme will offer with convenience of Rs 51 as cash back made on the first initial transaction  made successfully. On other transactions cash back offer of Rs 70 will also be provided to each customer. Apart from this the govt. will also be offering with Rs 1000 worth value cash back to merchants every month.

Launch details

  • The new features for implementation have been announced by the Central Government. The scheme for implementation was officially announced on 14th April 2018 – Birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar. All details related to cash back offer and claims can be viewed by candidates on official website at
  • The new offer has been announced by the central government on account of its one year completion time period. The facility will also be provided for candidates doing Rs 1 transaction using BHIM App.
  • The new Bharat Interface for financial transaction is officially run by NPC(National Payments Corporation). Candidates who are having valid bank accounts linked can now down load the new App officially from the Google Play store.

BHIM App Cashback Scheme – Claims

Any customer who is interested in claiming for cashback of Rs 750 can now do it following the below mentioned steps:-

  1. Cashback of Rs 51 on Joining – The moment any customer completes their first transaction they can claim for Rs 51 cashback offer. The facility can be availed when making payments to any other user.
  • To get started you have to download the BHIM App and install it on your Android from the Play Store. Then users have to get registered using their registered mobile numbers and valid bank accounts.
  • To claim for the cashback offer users will have to make a payment of Rs 1 or more using their bank account.
  1. Cachback of Max Rs 500 as unique transaction offer – Any candidate who performs a transaction using the Mobile number/ Account Number/ UPI ID number/ VPA with minimum of Rs 100 can claim for instant cashback. Candidates can earn Rs 25 to Rs 500 maximum cash back every month.
  2. Cashback earned on transaction of Rs 10 minimum with Rs 250 maximum Cashback – Candidates can claim cash back on performing transaction of Rs 10 minimum. The overall cash back will depend on the total transactions done during any month as follows:-
  • An incentive of Rs 100 will be paid to customers for performing 25 to 50 transactions monthly.
  • In case the number of transactions done by the customer is between 50 and 100 then Rs 200 cashback offer will be offered to the customer monthly.
  • Customers can get a cashback offer of Rs 250 in case the transactions done are over 100 in number on monthly basis using the BHIM.

New customers can now clam for cashback offers between Rs 51 to Rs 750 every month for performing transactions.

BHIM App Cashback Scheme –Merchants

Under the new scheme the merchants can now claim a cashback of Rs 1000 every month in their account following the below mentioned steps:-

  1. BIM users Cashback offers – Any user who has managed to install the app on the mobile phone and has registered as merchant can make use of the cash back offer as follows:-
  • In case any merchant is receiving pays via BHIM UPI App/ BHIM will be eligible for claiming 10 percent cashback under the scheme. This offer is valid for users performing and claiming for Rs 50 every transaction maximum cashback limit.
  • In order to claim for the cash back under this the merchant has to perform over 10 transactions monthly. It is also important that each transaction should be over Rs 25.
  1. Other BHIM UPI users – In case any merchant is not a valid BHIM App user and still wants to receive pays via BHIM UPI/ BHIM can claim as follows:-
  • A cashback of 10 percent can be claimed in case the transaction value does not exceed Rs 50 via BHIM UPI App.
  • It is important that the merchant has to make transactions in number between 5 and not exceeding Rs 25 in value.

The App is designed to offer services in English and Hindi and other languages of India. BHIM UPI offers users with a much secured payment mode via UPI. So even if you are not a valid BHIM App user still you can claim for cash back offer.

You just have to provide with valid bank account to receive the pays. BHIM also offers convenience of transfer via non-UPI banks, MMID and IFSC. This is one step taken by the government for promoting Digital India. You can read more details at

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