Chunauti scheme in Delhi

Chunauti scheme in Delhi

Education is the right of every child but then there has to certain standard of education that has to be maintained. Just providing education which is below standard is equal to being providing education at all. Keeping this is mind the state government id Delhi has launched the Chunauti Scheme 2018 which aims at improvising the education standard and scenario in the government schools of e Delhi where the condition seems to be really bad.

Chunauti scheme in Delhi

S.NoThings Need to Know about Chunauti scheme DelhiDetailed Information
1Scheme NameChunauti 2018
2Motive of the SchemeTo provide special focus on Weak Students
3State in which the scheme Chunauti Scheme ImplementedDelhi
4Students from which classes are get noticed under this schemeFrom Class 6th to 9th standard
5Who proposed this schemeState Government of Delhi
6Aim of the SchemeTo leave no students behind in schools.

Under this scheme the Delhi government will try and impart special classes to the students of the government schools so that all of them can pass class 10 exams on just one go.

Objective of the scheme

It has been reported that Delhi has a higher rate of school drop outs than many other state of the country, and this too comes as a major concern. One of the major problem that has been noted is that the government schools of Delhi do not have the required infrastructure and book or other required things to teach the students properly. Due to this the brighter students still manage passing but the weaker students who have a poor brain are not even able to write or read properly.

So to bring about change in this system the government of Delhi has launched the Chaunauti Scheme under which the weaker students will be provided with special classes and books so that they can read and write in a better way.

The overall objective of the scheme is to make sure that all the children of the state are educated and to also improve the education system of the state.

Features of the scheme

Under this scheme the focus will be on the three most important and basic subjects that are English, Mathematics and Hindi. students from class 6 to 9 will be selected, based on their performance in the past years, and will be given special care so that their reading and writing abilities can be improvised and brought up to a standard level.

This scheme is applicable for the government schools of Delhi only and will be funded by the state government completely. Even though the scheme was launched a few months back it is yet to be implemented in many of the government schools of Delhi.

Implementation of the scheme

Under this scheme the students from class 6 to 9 will be divided based on who is weaker in the three subjects and who is strong in those. So basically the division will be on the stronger and weaker students of these classes. The two categories are named as ‘Nishtha’ and ‘Pratibha’ category. The Nishtha category is for the students who cannot read and write English and Hindi and cannot solve Mathematics problems. And Pratibha will be for students who are able to do all of these.

Apart from these two categories there is another category that has been introduced, called Vishwas. This category will be for students who have failed class 10 exams for two times or have dropped out of school in class 9 after failing. Here these students will be trained so that they can also pass the class 10 exams in the year 2018.

Two different class will be conducted for the two categories and students will be taught accordingly. The rule is also to appoint the best and the most experienced teachers for the Nishtha category so that the students can be benefited.

Under this scheme the main focus will on the students of class 9 so that they can pass the class 10 exam that they will write in the year 2018.

Problem with the implementation process

Until now scheme has been implemented only in a few government schools of the state. But then there seems to be certain with the scheme that is coming up from the schools where the scheme has already started. Here are details about it-

  • There is a major communication and coordination problem among the schools and the government. The government has set certain guidelines based on which the categorization of the students has to be done by the schools seem to follow their own convenient ways. Schools have been reported to be dividing students based on sections and some based on the number of seats available.
  • Due to this problem there have been complains from few students that they are able to read and write English and Hindi but still they have been kept in the Nishtha category. Also many parents feel that the schools are discriminating the students and want their children to be in the Pratibha category.
  • Then there is this workbook called Pragati that is given to all the students of the Nishtha category. There is a separate book for each subject that is given to the students for their betterment in languages. But these books consist the syllabus of class 2 and 3 standards which the students of class 6 have read already.
  • Also there have been complains from certain teachers saying that the students from Nishtha feel that they are been insulted and are being differentiated from their friends who are in the Pratibha category. Now this can cause bonding problems between students from the two categories.
  • In some schools the teachers have already finished teaching the 1st edition of the workbook but the second edition of it has not reached the schools yet. This wait is delaying the assessment dates for these classes.

So to solve these matters the Delhi government has recently ordered the schools to conducted parents teachers meeting and to address the questions and doubts of the parents. But all said and done this scheme looks as a progressive one but many question about the way that the scheme is being implemented. Also there should be better coordination of the government agency with the government school so that the categorization of the students into the two groups can be done is a proper way. There are certain schools that are backing this scheme and feel that it will work good in the long run but there are a few that do not support the concept of dividing the students.

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