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How to Check Reliance Jio 4G network Coverage

How to Check Reliance Jio 4G network Coverage

So now that you have bought your Reliance Jio SIM, you know that you will need to use 4G coverage to use that SIM right? Reliance has come up with an idea to check whether you have 4G coverage in your area or not. It is being called ‘smart coverage map’.

Network coverage checkup

As we all know, network issues are very prominent in any part of the country. If you are from a good zone you don’t get coverage let alone if you are from a poor network zone. Now there are places where even 2G networks don’t get coverage let alone 3G or 4G. Again some zones automatically switch to 2G even if it works on a 4G connectivity enabled SIM.

How to Check Reliance Jio 4G network Coverage

This is the reason Reliance has come up with a ‘smart coverage map’ that will help users identify those High Speed Zones before they get their hands on the SIM. This way if you have to download something in high speed, you will know where to go.

Facts about Current Speed Limit

  1. Right now the Reliance Jio SIM card is available under ‘Welcome Offer’ for Free. It has benefits of voice calling and 4GB High speed data everyday!
  2. After you use 4GB speed every day in high speed, your internet connection will still be free but you will use it in 128 kbps speed instead of high speed.
  3. With this speed you can access services like JioCinema (unlimited Cinema streaming), JioPlay and much more which will take you into the Jio world in no time.
  4. People will use this network in high numbers hence the towers are bound to get congested at some point. This is when the map will come to use.
  5. The smart map is still under its Beta testing stage and it only remains to be seen how it is rolled out in the very near future.

So the idea is that the Jio Map will be able to give people the correct idea about how to use the Jio map and they will also be able to use the Jio Map under the right circumstances. This means that if there is congestion in the network they will be able to use it then.

How to get this to work?

Soon this service will be rolled out to the Jio SIM users. When it does you will have to head over to the website and then click on the ‘smart coverage map’ over there. After that you will have to enter your pin code to check the network strength near your area. This will show the network towers nearby you and the regions where green is marked on the map are the places where there is excellent signal strength. This is the only thing you will have to keep in mind then.

The interface will also have the option to send feedback to Reliance for any complaints that you have regarding it.

Here are some facts about Reliance Jio

Serial no.   Data
1 Tariff plans are starting from Rs. 19
2 For 28 days tariff plan maximum Rs. 4999
3 Plan will consist of Unlimited roaming, national and local call and SMS
4 Data benefits under the plan 100MB to 75 GB data + 75 GB Jio Net

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