How can we check Aadhar card status?

How can we check Aadhar card status?

There are several procedures through which an applicant can check the status of the Aadhar card after successful registration and document verification procedure. Aadhar card is one of the most important documents which an Indian citizen needs to have in possession to get included in various Govt. schemes and get their benefits. Aadhar card has been linked to almost all widely used systems like LPG gas distribution system, banking, railway reservation system, etc. Aadhar card contains all biometric details as well as other important information of the card holder. UIADI is the implementing authority of Aadhar cards in the country. After document verification and registration for Aadhar card, the beneficiaries may wait to receive the Aadhar card by post, or can check the status by their own.

How can we check Aadhar card status

Online process for checking Aadhar card status if Enrolment ID is available

After successful registration for Aadhar card, one can always check the status of his / her Aadhar card through the official Aadhar website. The beneficiaries will need a unique enrolment no. or commonly called EID that is being provided after the registration process, by the Aadhar officials. The user must visit the link: EID is a 14 digit code printed on the print out of the acknowledgement sheet. A Date and time is also mentioned in the acknowledgement printout, which is to be entered in correct format in the next field.  The combination of these two data will make a temporary EID. After entering the security code displayed in the screen, click “Check Status” tab to know the status of the Aadhar card. The Aadhar card status can be downloaded in soft copy or taken a print out.

Generation of Enrolment ID in case of non-availability

There are several instances where people lose the enrolment no. they were provided. But this does not stop them to check the Aadhar card status through online process.  The first job is to generate the enrollment number online, and then get the Aadhar status through the above explained procedure. To get the enrollment ID, please select the link: Enter the required details in the corresponding fields like Name, e-mail address and mobile number. Provide the mobile no. given at the time of Aadhar registration. Enter the security code displayed. Then click “Get OTP”. After receiving the OTP in the registered mobile number, enter the OTP in the next field and select “Verify OTP”. After successful verification, enrollment no. will be generated which can be used to know the Aadhar status.

Check Aadhar card status through Aadhar help line

In case, a beneficiary does not possess internet connection. Then also he / she can use the mobile phone to know the status of the Aadhar card. A toll-free dedicated help line for this purpose is open 24 x 7. The help-line to check status of Aadhar card through phone is: 1800-300-1947. The callers can easily check the status of their Aadhar card by following the systematic IVR process through the help-line.

Aadhar card status through SMS

UIDAI has also launched a SMS service which enables the Aadhar beneficiaries to get status of Aadhar card simply by sending SMS through their mobile phone. The mobile no. used to send SMS must be the registered mobile no. provided while Aadhar registration. The user must have enrollment ID with them to know Aadhar status through SMS. The body of the SMS is – UID<space>STATUS<space><14 digit enrollment ID>. The SMS should be sent to 51969. A reply SMS will show the Aadhar card status.

Sl. No.AttributesRelated data
1Administrative authority of AadharUnique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)
2Link for getting Aadhar card status online
3Link for generating enrollment ID or lost UID
4Toll free Aadhar helpline1800 300 1947
5SMS process for Aadhar status checkingSend UID  STATUS  <14 digit enrollment ID to 51969.

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