Chandrakanta TV Serial on Life OK

Chandrakanta TV Serial on Life OK (Cast Details)

If you ask any kid or teenager about one television serial that kept them captivated for months at an end, the chances are high that you will get to hear the name “Chandrakanta” more than often. This serial had everything in it – romance, action, magic, betrayal and finally the triumph of good over the evil. Though the serial was pulled off the air due to some legal issues, the characters have lived on in the memories of the people.

Chandrakanta: Captivating the audience

All novel lovers are well aware of the name of the famous dramatist Devaki Nandan Khatri. One of his favorite creations is the novel named Chandrakanta. The serial with the same name was produced and directed by Nirja Guleri. The drama was adapted from the novel and tried to give the audiences something new and fresh. With the elaborate sets, costumes, and incredible usage of special effects helped in capturing the attention of the audiences since the very first teaser was telecast on DD National channel. The serial had an amazing run from 1994 till 1996. It used to be telecasted every Sunday, around 11 a.m. During this period, there was hardly any home where the serial was not watched.

During the latter part of 1996, the producers were forced to pull the series off the channel as they were caught in a bitter lawsuit with the family members of the late dramatist. A petition was filed by the grandson of the writer, Kamlapati Khatri. According to him, the producers failed to stay true to the plot or the portrayal of the characters. He also added that the concept of the magical maze of tilism and spying was clouded with base witchcraft. The producers said that this was a cheap trick to amass profit percentage from them. Efforts were made to settle the matter both outside and inside the court but all in vain. Thus, DD National canceled the show. This came as a huge blow to the lovers of Chandrakanta. Though an attempt was made a few years back to revive the drama, it fell flat on its face. Apparently, the teens of the 90s are all grown up to accept the old concepts.

A new Chandrakanta for present audience

Like OK has taken an effort to captivate the contemporary audience with the same story. They are aware of the fact that the old concepts will not work and so they have made necessary changes, both in the plot and the character portrayals. Now we have to wait and see what the reaction of the audience is. It must be said that the first teasers seem very promising.

The name of the new costume drama has been decided to be ‘Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta.’ The launch date has been fixed to be 4 March 2017. Life OK is trying to cash in on the craze that this drama once had. The drama can be categorized in the fantasy genre. The drama has been given the prime time slot of 9 p.m, and it will be telecast on all four Saturdays and Sundays of the month.

The drama is being produced under the Tenn-Speed TV India banner. The responsibility of producing the mammoth task has been rested on the shoulders of Darien Amos. As the production is elaborate, it will be difficult for one director to tackle the huge challenge. Zolani Phakade, Shaft Maropane, Sisanda Henna and Mathew Jankes have been given the task of directing the amazing production. As the drama is loosely based on the original novel and many changes have been made, the story has been penned down by Steven Pilemer, Phathu Makwarela, Alex Yazbek, and many more. Like the original drama, this one to is made in Hindi to cater to people from all over the nation. The drama will strike the chords of your nostalgia.

Plot of the drama

The plot of the drama ‘Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta’ is based on the love that brewed between Princess Chandrakanta and the love of her life, Prince Virendra. While the two lovers want to spend their lives together, their respective kingdoms are at war with each other. Amidst these perilous conditions, the two young lovers embark on an amazing journey to give shape to their dreams. The drama has all the ingredients for making a successful production. All that needs to be done is presenting the product in a way that will be acceptable to all sections of the society.

Amidst the romance, you will also get to enjoy the pains of the lovers, when they are separated from each other. In the middle of her adventure, Chandrakanta gets trapped in a magical maze and cannot find her way out. It is up to the handsome and courageous prince to save her. Apart from the challenges of the magical maze, there are the spying ayyars of Krur Singh, the threat of Shivdut and his longing eyes on possessing the beautiful princess, which pose a threat to the swashbuckling prince. In order to rescue Chandrakanta, the prince will have to enter the magical maze and break the spell.

How will he manage to do this? Will the lovers ever be united? Will they be able to stop the raging war? To get to the bottom of this, the audiences will have to wait and follow all the episodes of ‘Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta.’

Cast of the drama series

The new drama will have the following members of the Mumbai television industry, playing the important characters.

When Kritika Kamra was asked about her role in the mega budget drama, she said that when she was just a school going girl, watching Chandrakanta was a big deal for her. To her, the Sundays seemed incomplete if she happened to miss the show for any reason. Back then there was no way of saving the episode or repeat telecasts. So, once you missed the show, it was gone forever. She also added that she had never acted in any costume drama and this opportunity would give her room to develop her skills and to grow as well.

To sum up

If you were lucky enough to catch the original Chandrakanta on the television, then you will see that the plot has been changed to some extent. New characters have been added, and some of the less important old characters have been removed from the plot. You will have to wait for some time to announce the verdict of ‘Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta.’

Important Details
TitlePrem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta
Written InHindi
SubjectDaily Soap
BannerTenn Speed TV India
DirectionZolani Phakade

Shaft Maropane,

Sisanda Henna

Mathew Jankes

CreatorGugu Sibandze
ProducerDarien Amos
Story WriterDevki Nandan Khatri
Dialogue Written BySteven Pilemer

Phathu Makwarela

Alex Yazbek

Telecast Details
Telecast Date4th March, 2017
Aired OnLife Ok Every
FrequencySaturday and Sunday (2 Episode in a week )
Telecast Time9 PM
Episode Length1 hour
Telecast Season No.1
Cast Details (Life OK)
Real NameCharacter Name
Gaurav KhannaVirendra Singh
Kritika KamraChandrakanta
Chandan AnandKrur Singh
Aarohi KapoorShakuntala
Ankit AroraShiv Dutt
Sudesh BerryMaricha

Chandrakanta Doordarshan TV Serial

For those who were born in the 80s, the Doordarshan was the only source of entertainment that they could have. And speaking of entertainment, who can forget the epic TV serial that were telecasted. Among those TV shows, Chandrakanta was one of the most viewed one. This was a real grand opus that children in those times used to love on the Sunday mornings. Being children, we used to have a discussion about the play a lot, its characters, imagining them and copying them while playing and suddenly the series went completely off from TV. And the worst part was that no one even knew what the reason of this sudden stop was. While some are of the opinion that it came back on cable TV, but the storyline got completely twisted.

Cast Character name
Kruttika DesaiSabhya
Anu DhawanTara
Pankaj DheerKing Shivdutt
Rajendra GuptaPandit jagannath
Durga JasrajRani kalawati
Irrfan KhanBadrinath
Javed KhanTej Khan
Shahbaaz KhanVijendra Singh
Mukesh KhannaJanbaaz

Chandrakanta (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

The story of Chandrakanta

Speaking of the book or the show, this was one of the early works on Hindi Literature. This is actually a love story of a prince and princesses of such kingdoms that were not friendly to each other. Well, this storyline might seem to be too shallow for the present generation but this was a really new concept during that period of time. The famous character of this TV show Kroor Singh just keeps belittling to the King of Vijaygarh regarding Navgarh and its prince and his real intention is to marry Princess Chandrakanta. But this is not happening because Prince Vijendra Singh and his friend Aiyyar Tej Singh are failing all the planning of kroor Singh. And thus, Kroor Singh runs to a third kingdom that is ruled by Shiv Dutt. He makes Shiv Dutt his partner and kidnaps Chandrakanta who is kept on Tilism by the Aiyyars. Now the plot revolves around the smartness of Aiyyars of Navgarh and Vijaygarh against the Aiyyars of Shiv Dutt.

This is what makes it interesting

What makes the TV serial so interesting is the characters o Aiyyars. They were the people of the secret service within a kingdom. Well you can call it the CIA types of the present day government. These Aiyyars had immense knowledge about medicines, places, herbs ad were extremely skilled fighters. The best part of the show was portraying the Aiyyars as they were able to change their faces to act in disguise. The best spies and extremely loyal to kingdoms. While Chandrakanta is kept in Tilism, these places were the buildings that were built by skilled people for hiding treasures and could be broken by applying a lot of brains. How to get back Chandrakanta while the Aiyyars outsmart each other was the real question that we as children used to look forward to.

From the critic’s perspective

The story and screenplay was truly glorious when it was brought on small screen. But since a lot of people have read the book, they are of the opinion that the story was modified to a considerable extent. The Chandrakanta TV serial was inspired by the book but the original story and screenplay was modified a lot. While in the TV serial it was showed one person could get transformed into another person like magic, but this was not the case for Aiyyars. And according to critics, the transformation could have been shown in a bit more logical manner. Still, the serial was really nice to watch and it was successful in holding its charm, especially in the 5th segment.

What do the actor’s feel?

According to the opinion of the actors, the TV serial was an awesome journey, the characters, the magic, the twists and turns and finally the plot were just mesmerizing. The best part of Chandrakanta TV serial is that this is nothing like some superhero fantasy. It is only about how cleverly and how ethically, the Aiyyars are able to bring Chandrakanta back, win wars and end the animosity without even firing a single shot. We bet this is going to offer you a feel of “lord of the rings”. And in between such fight of intelligence, there lies a sweet and romantic love story that involves the dashing Prince Vijendra, who is madly in love with the extremely beautiful princess Chandrakanta of Vijaygarh. How the lovers overcome their obstacles in their path and meet up with each other till eternity was the thing that kept the show alive and running among the minds of the audiences.

SL NOThings to Know 
1.Book written byDevaki nandan khatri
2.Directed ByNirja Guleri and Sunil Agnihotri
3.Creative directorSunil verma
4.Opening theme bySonu Nigam
6.No. of seasons2
7.No of episodes130
8.ProducersNirja Guleri
9.EditorSunil verma
10.CinematographyNadeem Khan and Manoj Soni
11.Camera Set upMulti camera
12.Original networkDD National
13.Sybdicated bySony TV

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