Sunday , September 23 2018

Cashless Donations by Paytm

Cashless Donations introduced by the Paytm in major Devotional places all over the nation

The Delhi based payment and Commerce Company recently made an important announcement relevant to concept of going cashless by the governments of India. India is the land of worship and people all over the nation never fails to donate to their holy places, with the initiatives taken by the Indian central and state governments to move cashless, the payment solution provider comes with innovative method of offering donations in e-format. As per the statement released by the Paytm recently, having most number of smart phone users in the nation, it is possible to make donation in digital formats rather than opting cash formats.

Cashless Donations Enabled by Paytm

The payment solutions provider Paytm have partnered with the several holy places across the nation where people used to donates in high level. With the partnership the commerce company just enabled to method of paying donations to those holy place administrations like temples and so by using the special QR code formed by the Paytm. Ever since, the cashless system initiated by the government of India Paytm keeps on introducing new methods and innovative strategy to make things much easier for their users/consumers.

How does it work?

These days almost 80% of the India’s population uses smart phones and in fact the technical gadget smart phone becomes one of the inevitable thing for everyone life’s. By scanning the unique QR codes which are placed in the holy places through their smart phones, the users and devotees able to transfer their money from their bank accounts to the worshiping temples accounts.

Key points to be noted

  • As far the records up to the date the commerce company Paytm has over 5Lakh active members to their services. And the mobile application launched by the Paytm is one of the top most downloaded applications in the mobile app markets.
  • With the initiatives taken by the Commerce Company many holy places like Siddhivinayak Temple from Mumbai, Iskon Temple from Indore, and the Cathedral Church from Delhi goes complete cashless methodology.
  • In order to provide better assistance to the consumers, the Paytm app developers releases their mobile application 10 different languages that are widely in practice across the nation.
  • The process of placing Paytm QR codes in the devotional places, it becomes so handy for the publics in the health sectors particularly on paying their hospital / treatment bills in digital format.
  • In addition to the innovative process implemented in the devotional places by the Paytm, it has established separate customer care team which offers full supports to the merchants and as well as to the users 24/7.

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