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BSNL Ditching Physical Documents and Accepting e-KYC for New Connections

BSNL Ditching Physical Documents and Accepting e-KYC for New Connections

The digitization drive in India is picking up fast. That’s something we should all praise. PM Modi’s mission to digitize India is taking shape gradually and now, the state-owned Telecom giant, BSNL has hopped in. BSNL has decided to ditch the need for physical document submission and verification for the purpose of issuing new connections to those who want to get new BSNL Connections.

BSNL Ditching Physical Documents and Accepting e-KYC for New Connections

e-KYC Route From BSNL

Now the question is, ‘If BSNL is ditching physical documents, how will BSNL verify the identity of the person opting for a new connection?’ To counter this problem, BSNL is taking the route of e-KYC or electronic KYC. BSNL will be putting Aadhar number into use. Known as e-Aadhar Verification, the method will do at least two things:

  • Eliminate tremendous amount of paperwork and the associated hassle.
  • Expedite the issuance of new connection.

Here are a number of benefits that can be cited:

Environment friendly Eliminating paperwork will reduce the pressure on the environment by saving trees, which in turn will help in a number of ways like reducing global warming, reducing carbon footprint and more.
Tracking terrorism This might sound too far-fetched but it is true. With electronic Aadhar based verification, government can keep a tab on every citizen who is taking a new connection. This will allow the government with a golden opportunity to track and locate unauthorized users or users with ill intentions.
Quick connection Physical documents based verification system was time consuming as people had to wait for nearly 24 hours or sometimes more to get verified. With e-Aadhar verification in place, a person’s identity can be verified instantly and the new connection can be issued quickly.
Reduced wastage of resources Physical documents based verification required additional man power. With e-Aadhar verification, man power resources and other resources (such as telephone calls) can be saved. The saved resources can be used elsewhere in a more fruitful fashion.

There are more such benefits that can be cited but that’s not the purpose of this article and hence, we will skip talking about other benefits and jump straight to the actual details as promised by the title of this article.

How Will e-KYC Work?

e-KYC adopted by BSNL is nothing new. At least not in case of Telecom industry. Other private players in the industry have already started doing this. One such company is Airtel which offers Aadhar-based instant verification and activation of new connections.

According to BSNL Mysuru’s District General Manager, KL Jairam, BSNL will use e-Aadhar verification. In this method, a person needs to physically visit BSNL office along with the Aadhar number. Once the person gives the Aadhar number, he or she will be asked to provide biometric impression. If the biometric information matches the details associated with the Aadhar number provided, BSNL will pull out all information about the person from the central database and the verification will be completed within only a couple of minutes.

With e-KYC in place, the need for providing photocopies of identity documents and passport photographs will be eliminated completely. This e-KYC service has already started in Maharashtra.

KL Jairam Speaks About Optical Fiber and Internet Connection

While talking on the e-KYC system of BSNL, Mr. Jairam also spoke about the company’s intentions about internet connections. He said that the company is currently working on it OFC network. OFC stands for Optical Fiber Cable. According to him, the OFC will offer high speed internet to customers of BSNL broadband. With OFC, BSNL offers internet speed ranging between 256 Kbps and 100 Mbps. This speed range is actually mentioned on the official website of the company.

Mr. Jairam disclosed the following data:

  • Nearly 2500 customers in Mysuru are enjoying high speed internet through OFC connections.
  • In Chamarajnagar and Mysuru, BSNL has provided 354 gram panchayats with OFC-based high speed internet connection.
  • BSNL has identified another 44 gram panchayats in the same region that require high speed internet connectivity.

BSNL’s Wi-Fi Hotspots

In Mysuru Palace, BSNL will be installing 7 Wi-Fi hotspots. The Mysuru Palace is one of the most famous tourist destinations and Wi-Fi hotspots there will place BSNL as a top competitor in the broadband market. Once the Wi-Fi hotspots are installed in Mysuru Palace, it will become the second Wi-Fi hotspot zone from BSNL. The first one has been installed in Mysuru Zoo.

BSNL’s New Connection Plan

BSNL has announced Apoorva plan, which is a prepaid plan that has replaced the New Amogh plan. This plan has been introduced for those people who are porting their cell phone numbers to BSNL from other Telecom networks. The features of Apoorva Plan include:

  • Free 3G data – 50 MB with validity of 180 days.
  • Free 30 minutes for STD and Local calls with validity of 180 days.
  • Once free benefits have been used, BSNL will be charging a rate of 38 paise per minute for all local calls as well as STD calls that are made to a BSNL network. For calls to other networks, the rates will be 48 paise per minute.
  • SMS charges to any network (BSNL or otherwise) will be charged at 25 paise per SMS.
  • Full talk time will be available for top ups:
    • INR 500
    • INR 1100
    • INR 2000
    • INR 2500
    • INR 3000

Apoorva plan is also available for anyone who is opting for a fresh and new BSNL connection. The time frame for getting a new Apoorva plan has been extended to January 21, 2017.

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