How to Install and Download BHIM App

How to Install and Download BHIM App

The government rolled out the much awaited Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app on 30th Dec 2016. Now making transactions is easier and faster – one would argue it is also safer. It is safer than using your debit or credit cards to make payments over the counter. With the BHIM app you can access multiple bank accounts within a single app. Under the UPI system you had to install different apps for different banks. Now you can check multiple bank details with this one app.


How can I use the BHIM app?

Using BHIM app is not a difficult task. If you can use basic apps on smartphone, using this one should be really easy for you. All you have to do is go to Google PlayStore (since it is currently available only for Android) and download the BHIM app.

After you have downloaded it, enable the permission for the app to send you an SMS. You will receive a 4 digit code. You have to enter the code into the app on the field provided. Once you have entered that you will see that your mobile number is linked to the app. Now you have to set up the UPI PIN for the bank account. For this once again you will be asked to set a PIN which you can do easily if you follow the guidelines given on screen.

Make sure that the phone number which you are using this app with, is linked to your bank account. As many bank accounts are linked with your mobile number, that many bank details you can access via this app. So this is important that your bank has your number.

Currently the app is supporting access of over 32 major banks. So it should not be a problem to find one bank at least that you want to check details of.

Step by step guide to install and operate

  • Download the app and click on “Open”. Choose your language which you are prompted to choose before going forward (Hindi or English only at present).
  • Verify your mobile phone (by allowing to send an SMS) and click on “Let’s get started”. You will be charged for SMS. This will be a two step process as it will also verify your UPI address.
  • After verification comes the time to choose a 4 digit pass code. Don’t tell this pass code to anyone as you will need this one to open and use this app, in the wrong hands, anyone can misuse it.
  • Once that is done, you can begin sending or receiving money via this app. You have to either enter the beneficiary’s UPI handle or mobile number or QR code.
  • You don’t need the bank account number or the IFSC code anymore. You can carry out the transaction via the UPI address which looks like an email address. Also the person needs to definitely have an UPI account to send or receive the money.

Regarding associate banks and alternatives

If you have been already using an UPI app, your UPI PIN will be auto detected. If you don’t have an UPI account, you will need to create one by providing the last six digits of your debit card and the CVV number into it.

Suppose you have UPI accounts in two banks, you will be able to access only one at a time. So if you want to check out some other banks’ details, you will have to go back and select the other option in the banks.

 Uses of BHIM app

There are a lot of features of this app which can be broadly broken down into these two –

  • Transaction: Basically you can both send and receive money via this app. For this again you can either scan the QR code or simply use the UPI address. There are clearly three columns on the screen which show “send”, “request” and “scan and pay”. The request option allows you to request someone to send your pay and give them reminders.
  • Check balance: You can check your balance in multiple banks via this app. Simple go to the bottom of the app. There you have the option that says “bank account” – click on that. Then an option will come, you have to press “request balance”. If this feature shows “error” then don’t be worried. It will be fixed in some time.

How can I send money via this app?

Actually many don’t know that you can send money to non-UPI supported banks as well. To send money to those banks you will need either the IFSC or MMID.

If you want to send money, go to the home page and select “send”. Now either enter the UPI address or the mobile number of the user that is registered with UPI. Select the amount that you want to send and click on “pay”. This will open up the page to enter your 4 digit UPI code. Enter the PIN to verify you are the legitimate sender.

How can I request money on this app?

Once again, go to the home screen and select the “request” option. Put in your number and verify with the 4 digit code once again. Once the verification is done, request the money from the sender.

You can also generate a QR code and request a particular amount. Ask the sender to scan your QR code and send the amount for faster transaction.

Can I change my UPI username?

Changing the UPI username in BHIM app is pretty easy. Go to “My Profile” and select “Add Payment Address”. You can either add a new UPI address or change your current one that is displayed on screen.

You can have more than one UPI addresses and select any one as the primary UPI address at any time that you like.

Can I change my UPI PIN?

UPI PIN is generated by you so that your transactions are safe. It is just like an ATM PIN. But in case you find your UPI PIN harder to remember you can choose to change it. Thankfully the UPI PIN changing procedure is easier than ATM PIN changing procedure.

Just go to the bank account whose UPI you want to change and select “Reset UPI PIN”.  You will be asked to enter the last 6 digits of your ATM card or debit card. Once you enter that, you will be given a One Time Password (OTP). Now you are ready to change your UPI PIN.

This new UPI PIN that you generated will remain the same for all the UPI apps that you have on your phone. So now if you want to login into another app, you have to put this same UPI PIN.

What if I don’t own a smartphone?

If you don’t have a smartphone or you don’t have space in your phone to use the BHIM app yet, you are advised to use the USSD solution. Just press *99# and see the options that pop in on your screen. However be sure to reply within 10 seconds or you will have to start from scratch.

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