Bengaluru Top Tourist Attractions Place To Visit

Bengaluru Top Tourist Attractions Place To Visit. There are many cities in the southern part of the country, which have been making headlines in the recent past. The southern part of the nation is known for the rich culture and heritage. God has been very kind while shaping the geographical setting and the natural beauty of the areas.

About the city

Bangalore is also known to the common people as Bengaluru. The city is the capital and the administrative head of the state of Karnataka. It is one of the most popular metropolitan cities in the nation and has become a hub of job seekers in the recent past. It is located in the southern parts of the Deccan Plateau and has a natural beauty that will be able to command your attention. The city was founded by the Chola king Kempegowda I in the year 1537.

In the ancient times, the city was under the rule of the Chola Dynasty and had developed both culturally and economically under them. Once India gained her independence, the city was declared the capital and administrative headquarters of the state of Mysore. Later on, after the much-needed realignment of the states, the city was recognized as the capital of present day Karnataka. In the year 2006, the name of Bangalore was officially changed to Bengalūru

Geography and climate of the city

According to the geographic surveys, the total urban area of the city is 709 sq. km and the elevation of the city is 920 meters. The estimated metropolitan population of the city is 8,443,675. It is the third most populated city in this respect, and the metro population is estimated to be 8,728,906, making it the fifth most populated city in the country. The official language of the city is Kannada, but you will find people of all races and regions in this part.


The climate of the place is soothing. As it is located near the Bay Of Bengal, it has a maritime climate. This means that the summer temperatures are mild and the winters are not too cold. The place gets an average precipitation of 290.4 mm. The place gets rain during the monsoon owing to the activities of the South West monsoon winds, and in the winters, it receives rain due to the Retreating Monsoon winds. The area also experiences thunderstorms.

Economy of the city

India is a fast developing country, and it has started spreading its wings in the Information Technology sectors as well. If you are looking for a job in the sector, then the chances are high that you will get your first placement in the city of Bangalore. The city is regarded as the IT hub of the nation as most of the big MNCs have their offices in the region. Apart from this, the area also has many elite educational institutes, which attract aspiring students from all over the country.

The area has also cemented its place as a tourist spot for both the national as well as international travelers. There are many mountains and sea beaches, which are attracting the eyes of the travel seekers. There are many tourist spots in and around the city, which have a good reputation among the travelers. So, buckle up and get set to know about the areas, which you must check out while taking a trip to this place.

List of Top Bengaluru Tourist Attractions Place To Visit

If you are thinking of discovering the hidden gems of Bangalore, then make sure that you have done your homework well before landing in the city. There are no extra points for guessing that Bangalore is a huge city and without the assistance of a guide, you will not be able to explore the city well. In this article, you will get to know about the popular as well as the less popular sites, which are equally engaging and thrilling:

  1. Bangalore Palace

Have you ever been to the Windsor Castle in England? If the answer is “no” then you will get a clear idea of how it looks by gazing at the Bangalore Palace. The palace is set among the lush and beautifully maintained gardens. The interiors of the building, as well as the exteriors, have been designed according to the themes of the Victorian architecture. The walls are covered with fine paintings and frescos, which will evoke the poetic side of any person.

The palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens, and these can be booked for hosting cultural events. The authority allows people to book the gardens for holding song and dance events. Many rock shows have been held on these grounds. The area will provide you good photographic opportunities. Another important aspect of the building is the colored glass windows, which will compel you to take note of the skill of the craftsmen.

  1. Lal Bagh

If you are in love with nature and flowers then taking a trip to the Lal Bagh is mandatory. The founding stones of this botanical garden were laid during 18th century. This was the brain child of the then ruler of the area, Hyder Ali. It was later developed and completed by the famous ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan. The popular tourist spot has total area coverage of 240 acres.

When you enter the gardens, you will come across some of the amazing species of plants and flowers, which you have not seen before. Apart from these beautiful flowering plants, you will also get to relax in the glass house and take a boat ride or walk on the banks of the lake. Every year, a breathtaking flower show is arranged in the venue and thanks your stars if you are in the city during the event. The place will fascinate the children as well as the adults.

  1. Tipu Sultan’s Fortress

The city was the favorite summer getaway of Tipu Sultan. Thus, the area is dotted with many palaces. The main attraction for the tourists is the lavish summer fort of the king. Every year, thousands of tourists flock here to see the castle where the great ruler used to spend his summers. One of the fascinating aspects of the palace is that it has been made unadulterated teak wood. You will not find materials like this in the present days. What once was the royal adobe of the king has now been transformed into a state-run museum. In this museum, you will be able to see various artifacts used by the rulers. The interiors of the palace are decorated well with various paintings and precious objects.

The museum has many statues as well, and the grandeur will attract your attract both children and adults. Here, you will be able to gather a lot of knowledge about the past of the area and see how it flourished under Tipu Sultan.

  1. Vidhan Soudha

There are many structures which have been taken up by the government and many departments have their offices in these structures. One such structure is the Vidhan Soudha building. It is a fine specimen of the Dravidian pattern of architecture. The building is a whopping 46-metre in height. There is a total of 300 rooms in the building, and every room has a unique character to it. Approximately 22 departments of the state government have their offices in the structure. It is the biggest and most impressive legislative structures of the state. It is open for the tourists so that they can applaud the Dravidian architecture patterns.

  1. Cubbon Park

The Cubbon Park is located in the very center of the beautifully planned city of Bangalore. The park is very interestingly designed and laid out. It can be regarded as a paradise for all nature lovers and those who want to spend some quality time in the lap of nature. The park is spread over an estimated 300 acres of land. Here, you will be able to see around 6000 types of flowering plants and trees. The responsibility of the park is rested on the shoulders of the state and the city municipality. The area is planned well, and this has enhanced the beauty of the park. Both local people and travelers enjoy taking a walk on the lush and soft grass. Who will not like the idea of relaxing in such a natural setting?

  1. Flight4Fantasy

Have you ever had the chance of flying an airplane? Most of you will say yes but have not been that lucky to experience it firsthand. If you are in the city with your family then taking your children to visit the Flight4Fantasy area is a must. It is here that all your airplane flying fantasies will come true.

As the name suggests, this facility if the only place in India where you will be able to feel the thrills of flying an airplane with the help of a flight simulator. When you book a seat in the flight simulator, for a time span of either 30 or 60 minutes, you will feel like a real pilot of the popular Boeing 737. The virtual simulator will give you the option of choosing between 20,000 airports. The place is a hit with children as they like to the whole feel of the place.

  1. Wonderla Amusement Park

If splashing in the blue waters is your cup of tea, then make sure that you book a ticket to the Wonderla Amusement Park. It is a popular area where families flock during the weekends and on holidays. Children especially like the thrill of splashing in the waters and enjoying all the water rides. Here, you will be able to relax in the slow moving pool waters or enjoy the excitement of the water rides. The park authority allows you to book the tickets from their website or you can purchase it directly from the counters. As there are many rides, it is better that you reach the venue early so that you get the chance of opting for all the rides.

  1. Bannerghatta National Park

The valley, situated in the middle of the Champakadhama hills, is famous not only for the natural beauty but also for the presence of the Bannerghatta National Park. This reserved park is a step taken by the state government for the promotion of the forest tourism. The authorities are hopeful that the park will enlighten the common people about wildlife and the need to protect them. The park is situated only at a distance of nearly 22 km from the heart of the main city.

There is a fully functional zoo in the park. You can also opt for the safari ride. If you are interested in seeing various kinds of butterflies, then you can visit the butterfly park as well. Apart from all these, there is also a rehabilitation and rescue center for all kinds of wild animals. The main idea is to provide a natural atmosphere for the wild animals so that they can enjoy themselves, as they would have done in the wild.

  1. Bangalore Turf Association

If you are interested in horse racing, then you need to book a seat in the Bangalore Race Course. This horse racing turf has been considered to be very difficult to tame. The steep gradient and the presence of hurdles are there to test the skill of the horse riders. The sharp bends require ultimate control of the horse and the expertise of the rider.

Along with the race course, there is a stable that will be able to accommodate 1000 horses at one time. There is also a training center for the horses. The members of the club will also be able to enjoy a swim in the pool and walk their horses in the walking ring. It is a must see for the tourists, and if you are lucky, you will get a free ride on the horseback.

  1. ISKCON Sri Radha Krishnachandra Temple

The city of Bangalore houses people of all religions, and each of these sects has represented themselves well in the form of temples and shrines. If you are a devotee of Krishna or want to visit the religious shrines of the city, then take a trip to the ISKCON Sri Radha Krishnachandra Temple. Here, you will be able to pay your respect and pray in front of the Radha-Krishna idols. The temple was inaugurated in the year of 1997. The architecture of the temple will compel you to attract the attention of the tourists. The atmosphere and the pious ambiance will give you a amazing feeling.

It is better to be present in the temple during the distribution of prasadam. The prasadam is given to all for free. The temple is based on the religious beliefs of Vedic spirituality and culture. There is a guest house in the temple complex, and the devotees can book a room and spend some days in the calm and soothing atmosphere.

  1. Shivasamudram Falls

The main river of the area is Kaveri, and this rain-fed stream will form amazing twin falls where the river drops from great heights after leaving the Deccan Plateau. The beauty of the Shivasamudram Falls is unparalleled, and many tourists flock to the island city of Shivasamudra to witness the charm. It is at a distance of only 39 kilometers away from the metropolitan.

Somnathpur and Shivanasamuram are two ancient shrines, which are located in the surrounding areas. A hydro-electric plant is also located in the area. Though you will not be allowed in the inner quarters of the power plant, some of the parts are accessible to the tourists. It is better to visit the area during the monsoon seasons. As the river is mainly fed by rainwater, the waterfalls will be in their true glory during these months.

  1. St. Mark’s Cathedral

This beautiful church is located right in the popular area near M.G. Road. The church was founded in the year of 1008. The architecture and the designs will remind you of the old world charm and are in lines with the popular architecture of the 17th-century.

The roof and domes of the church are decorated with paintings, and the glasses are tinted. There is also the presence of wood carving and intricate works, which are very mesmerizing. The main dome is decorated with many arches, which are similar to the Roman architecture patterns.

  1. Lumbini Gardens

The Lumbini Gardens is situated in front of a water body, called the Nagavara Lake and this adds to the beauty and charm of the garden. There are arrangements of boat rides, which the tourists can enjoy. The park is dotted with many statues, and you will also get to see various kinds of herbs, flowering plants, and trees as well. The atmosphere of the garden is laid back, and you will be able to relax and enjoy a quality time with your family. The garden also has a fully functional pool and also houses a man-made beach. There is also a food court that will give many options to choose from. The entire park is spread out over an area measuring up to 1.5 km.

  1. Innovative Film City

If you want to take a look at the southern film industry, then you need to book a trip to the Innovative Film City. The place has been amusing the travelers or tourists since the year 2008. The complex is situated at only 40 km from the main city. The complex measures a total of 50 acres and has an amphitheater, food court, and many thematic restaurants. Dinosaur Park, Cartoon City, Haunted Mansion, Ripley’s Enchanted Mirror Labyrinth, Funplex within 4D movie hall are some of the added attraction of the place. If you want to indulge is some sport activities then you can check out the go-karting tracks, the mini golf turf, Innovative Wannado City and other kinds of adventure sports as well. There is also a fossil museum that is present in the compound. This place has a lot of offer to the tourists, and the children will have a gala time here.

  1. Bull Temple

Another important tourist attraction is the Bull Temple. It is popularly known as the Dodda Basavana Gudi to the4 local people and is located in the beautiful Basavanagudi. The main deity of the temple is the Nandi Bull, who is the disciple of Lord Shiva. The shrine dates back to 16th century and has been recognized to be one of the ancient shrines in the city. The design and layout of the temple are based on the architectural style of the Dravidian era. The idol of Lord Nandi is made of jet black granite and measures 15 feet height wise and 20 feet lengthwise. The main gate, walls and the roof of the inner chambers have been richly decorated with carvings, which are a proof of Dravidian craftsmanship.

According to the popular legend, the temple was built to calm down the wrath of the bull god. The story goes that there was once a notorious bull that used to play havoc on the groundnut farms and no one was able to stop it. After the erection of the temple, the activities of the bull ceased miraculously. During the popular religious occasions, thousands of devotees flock to the temple to pray in front of the bull deity. The farmers of this and the neighboring areas organize a Groundnut Fair that is known as Kadalekai Parase in the local tongue. The entire area lights up, and the fair attracts people from far and near.

  1. Dodda Ganesha Temple

Another attraction that is situated just close to the popular Bull temple is the shrine of Dodda Ganesha. As the name suggest, the temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesh. The total width of the idol is 16 feet, and the height is 18 feet. Each day of the week is special as the statue is decorated using various objects. Many people come to the shrine to witness the event when the main priest coats the statue with butter. Estimated 100 kg of clarified butter is needed to coat the statue in the proper manner.

  1. Sri Vani Science Park

This one of a kind park was opened with the view of spreading awareness among the children about various kinds of flowering plants, herbs, and trees. Not only local species of trees, but the place also has a rich collection of various international species of flora as well. The Sri Vani Science Park is situated on the famous Magadi Road. The park measures 4.5 acres. The tourists come here to see the amazing plan species and see the installations of ancient creatures.

Along with these pulls, there is other an attraction like the Physical Science and Geological Museum, Biodiversity Park. The fossils in the park are almost 20 million years old. There are around 80 medicinal herbs, which are showcased in the park.

  1. Sree Siddaganga Mutt

There are many organizations which are associated with services to the society, and the Sree Siddaganga Mutt is one of them. The center was formed in the middle of the 15 century, and since then it has been associated with the task of providing free education to around 8000 children of needy families. The mutt is set amidst the calm and pristine ambiance, surrounded by greenery. They follow the ancient Gurukul system of imparting education, wherein the students are given shelter and food as well. No matter what the religion of the students is, the doors of the mutt are open for all. The authority of the mutt is also associated with the operation of a blind school.

  1. Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple

If you want to see the amazing works of rock and stone cut architecture, then there is no better place than the Gavi Gangadhareshwara Shrine. The temple houses the idol of Lord Shiva and dates back to the 9th century. This is the perfect example of the monolithic construction. The designing and planning of the temple will leave you shell shocked. The temple has been built in such a manner that on some days of the year, the sun’s rays fall on the top of the shrine. The idol of Shiva is accompanied with the statue of Lord Nandi and also Lord Agni, the Hindu God of fire.

  1. Oralakallu Teertha

Oralakallu Teertha is a holy spot close to Bangalore, visited by many individuals consistently. It is seen as a pilgrim spot. Legends say that Lord Rama, his significant other Sita and his sibling Lakshman remained at this spot during the period of their exile.

According to popular legends, Lord Rama needed a couple of drops of water, for putting the tilak on his brow, so he aimed a bolt into a stone and water sprung out. Thus, the other name of the place is Namada Chilume, which stands for spring of Tilak. The regular spring flowing out a rough spot is an intriguing site.

If is not possible to describe the fascinating spots of the city in one article. The place is full of mysteries, and it is hard to imagine that a strictly corporate city can have so much to offer, which has such a close association with history, religion, and mythology.

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