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Balbir Singh Dosanjh (Hockey Player Biography)

 Balbir Singh Dosanjh (Hockey Player Biography)

Famous Hockey player Balbir Singh Dosanjh name is still in top hockey player. He was on the top during his time and praised by all over the world. He created so well goals which are famous at present also. One of Moga stadium name is given on his name. He was a part of Hockey team in 3 Olympic Games. His team wins gold medal in London during1948, in Helsinki Olympic in 1952 and in 1956 in Melbourne. He was captain of the team at Melbourne Olympics. He wrote a book also – his autobiography, ‘The Golden Hat Trick’ (1977) and ‘The Golden Yardstick: In Quest of Hockey Excellence’ (2008).

Balbir Singh Dosanjh (Hockey Player Biography)

S.No Things Need to Know about Balbir Singh Dosanjh Detailed Information
1 Full Name Balbir Singh Dosanjh
2 Life Partner Sushil
3 Children Sushbir, Kanwalbir, Karanbir, Gurbir
4 Nationality Indian
5 Birth Date 10-Oct-24
6 Place of Birth Haripur Khalsa, Punjab, India
7 Residence Burnaby (Canada); Chandigarh (India)
8 Education Dev Samaj High School (Moga), DM College (Moga), Sikh National College (Lahore), Khalsa College (Amritsar)
9 Sport Hockey
10 Teams for which he played India (International), Punjab State (National), Punjab Police (National), Punjab University (National)

He builds a record by putting 5 goals against the Netherlands in Olympic Games. He was honored in the Olympic Museum exhibition, which told the story of the Olympic Games as it’s begin till London 2012.

Awards & Achievements of Balbir Singh Dosanjh

  • He is Member of gold medal winning teams of  Olympic games during 1948, 1952 and 1956 and first person in hockey history who have such achievement means part of Olympic winner team 3 times
  • His team won the Silver Medal in the Asian Games in 1958 and 1962. In Asian Games his team missed the gold medal but win the silver
  • He made max goals during his games as an individual. Almost in his all matches he was he was the person who made maximum goals
  • He was awarded with the Padma Shri (1957); he is first hockey player who had got this award. Indian Govt decided to give him this reward because of his great contribution towards hockey as Hockey is our national game
  • He lit the holy Flame at the Asian Games 1982 which was held at New Delhi and He was granted with the named Best Sikh Hockey Player in 2006
  • In Helsinki Olympic he builds 9 gold out of 13 gold by his self. Which is the maximum goal which a player make till date

Early Life of Balbir Singh Dosanjh
Balbir Singh Dosanjh basically belongs to Punjab. Balbir started playing Hockey at an early age. His game was deeply encouraged by the Berlin Olympics 1936 Gold Medal winning Indian Hockey team. He started his hockey career when he started playing for his college team Sikh National College. After that he moved to Khalsa College and started training and practice under Harbail’s guidance. He spends part of each year in India and the rest in Canada.

During 1942 to 1943 he was chosen to symbolize Punjab University and he captained his team to 3 All India Inter-University.

The divider of India forced Singh family to move to Ludhiana, where he was posted in Punjab Police. He joined the Punjab Police and was captain of the Punjab Police team. Once he stops playing the hockey he started getting offer as coach and team manager. Later became a well appreciated coach, coaching the Indian national team at the World Cup, Asian Games, Champions Trophy, and Esanda Trophy, and never failing to lead the team to a medal performance. As you read his book, you are tired into two different narratives that intertwine – the first is Singh’s story told against the background of India and its olden times. And the second book is Blennerhassett’s journey to India and the exposure and factual information he expose his personal life from his childhood in Moga, Punjab, and playing field hockey for Khalsa College to his move into Punjab police and play for them.

Also explore his travels all around India and across the earth as a field hockey player, and later as a coach

Career in Olympic Games
Balbir Singh was well know hockey player who is most successful player in made Olympics. In the final match against Britain, India beat the enemy by 4-0, and Balbir had scored 2 goals in the match.

Balbir was the Captain of the Indian Hockey team at the Melbourne, and scored 5 goals in the opening match next to Afghanistan. Unluckily, he got injured during the match and could not play previous to the semi final and final matches. In the final match, the Indian team fought against Pakistan and won the gold medal by 1-0. A Balbir known for his speed and body turn sharply he scored six goals on his debut against Argentina at London Olympic Games. He followed this up with two goals against Great Britain in the Final.

He also served as the manager and leader coach of the Indian Hockey team for the World Cup Hockey 1971, where the team runs to grab a bronze medal. He participated in 3 in Olympic Games. He was the chief coach and manager of the Indian team at the World Cup Hockey in 1975 and the team won the competition.

Personal Life & Family

He got married to Sushil in 1946. She hails from Model Town, Lahore. He has a daughter, Sushbir and three sons, Kanwalbir, Karanbir, Gurbir and they all are settled in Vancouver, Canada. His father gave him a very important gift for his seventh birthday – a field hockey stick which later become his career and give him fame and all what he actually deserved. That was his hockey which makes him famous all over the world and become his first love.

Balbir Singh Dosanjh is carry successful hockey player. He is a most worthy successor of the mantle during hockey’s golden era. He gives the actual popularity to Indian Hockey team and he is the start and magic of Indian hockey team. People know Indian Hockey team because of him. After having been adjudged as the best Sikh hockey player and receiving the award from the former member of the International Olympic Committee and former president of the Indian Hockey Federation. There are also many achievements that had done during life spam. Balbir Singh was the hero of the gold campaign that India enjoyed. Though the world is conscious of Dhyan Chand, there is another hockey hero who has ironically not been talked regarding in the same breath. Because of that a Akshay Kumar take a startup and announced that he will played role of Balbir Singh Dosanjh so that every people will know about him

Akshay Kumar to play hockey legend Balbir Singh in ‘Gold’?

Now Akshay Kumar announced about his new film gold in which he tell about famous hockey player Balbir Singh Dosanjh who won 3 Olympics gold medal for India. Akshay Kumar announced that his next movie will be directed by Talaash director Reema Kagti and produced by Excel Entertainment. This film is totally based on the Indian legend Balbir Singh its first ever gold medal at the Olympics.

Story Plot

Akshay will reportedly be playing the character of Balbir. This movie is build so that every Indian knows about this super hero of hockey and for those do not in the know about him, Balbir was a part of the Indian hockey team at the 1948 Olympics. This movie shows how he won all these games, his life struggle which he did to become best. According to reports, the film will showcase how Balbir Singh was the hero of the gold campaign that India enjoyed in the three editions.

This will be first movie that is based on the hockey player. As Akshay Kumar is best actor in Industry and played best role during his filmy career and he is expecting that movie will aware the Indian about his their actual hero. The movie is set in 1948 when Indian won its first ever Olympic gold medal as a free nation which is set to release in 2018 on Independence Day.

This is not for the first time that Akshay has been a part of a historically significant movie. Previous, he featured in movies such as Rustom, Airlift and Special 26.All these movies are counted as best movie of industry and Akshay Kumar get praised because of all these because he played best role in all these.

Akshay has had a very successful year so far. All of his films during released in 2016 — Airlift, Houseful 3 and Rustom are hit and have earned above Rs 100 crore at the home box office.

More Info about the Movie

In This movie basically show the Olympic games of 1948 when India first time win the gold medal in the Olympic Games. This movie show how Indian team reaches to the Olympic Games and about their struggle and problem they face during the game. How Balbir Singh motivate his team and how they become winner. Movie will move all around the Balbir Singh. This movie is based upon Singh books The Golden Hat Trick’ which he wrote in 1977 and The Golden Yardstick: In Quest of Hockey Excellence. Most of facts which will be seen in the movie are taken from these books. As this is actual story of Balbir and show most of life facts of Balbir.


Finally this will be 1 more movie which is based on the Biography of some famous person. As in past most of historical movie get hit as people like these types of movies these days. Like Bhag Milka Bhag is one of famous movie which is based on sport person and is one of best movie counted so far. Hope Akshay Kumar will also get successful and movie will be surely hit.

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