Bahubali 2 Movie Review (5 Star) and Box Office Collection

Bahubali 2 Movie Review and Box Office Predictions

Note: –  I have watched the movie and know “Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali”. As expected it is not a straight forward answer.  In short Bhallala Deva (enacted by Rana Daggubati) took advantage of some confusion created between Bahubali and Rajmata Sivagami (enacted by Ramya Krishnan), she coronated Bhallala Deva as the king of Mahishmati. Bhallala again created situations where Rajmata thought that Bahubali is a danger to her kingdom and asks Katappa to kill Bahubali.  Please share this post on Facebook and twitter.

Bahubali 2 Movie Review

You should not be reading this, please watch it because reading a review takes the fun out of the movie and kills all the suspense. But since I promised a review, I am writing it. It is a 5 on 5-star movie (as per my views). It lived up to the expectations of entire India. Of course, it was one the most awaited movies of 2017 and needless to say, the creators will snatch some awards, defeating most of the blockbusters that hit the silver screens this year. About graphics and visual effects – that’s an eye treat!

The Plot: – Movie started where Bahubali 1 ended. Rajmata Sivagami had declared Amrendra Bahubali as the new king of Mahishmati.  Before the actual coronation takes place, Bahubali embarks on the mission of visiting the entire kingdom prior to his coronation. It was an age-old tradition of Mahishmati and the order came directly from Rajmata. Kattappa went along with Bahubali.

It was during this errand that Bahubali meets Devasena – a princess of a Kingdom near Mahishmati. The conditions under which the two met were somewhat expected as Bahubali found her fighting local goons to protect the citizens of her kingdom. Not very unexpected, Bahubali was smitten by Devasena’s courage and beauty and decided to join her as a commoner. Kattappa as a servant had to follow Bahubali.

Now enters the villain – Bhallala Deva, who, through his spies or network, comes to know about the affair of Bahubali and Devasena. As usual, he plots and asks Rajamata Sivagami to send a marriage proposal to Devasena. You guessed it right! Sivagami wasn’t aware of the budding relationship between Bahubali and Devasena and became the brainless victim of Bhallala Deva’s deception. She, unbeknownst of the truth, sends a message to Devasena with a marriage proposal, which was outright rejected by Devasena. This sparked anger in Rajmata and she sends another message – this time to Bahubali – to capture Devasena and present her in Mahishmati court.

On the other side of Mahishmati’s border, a group of armed dacoits launch a bloody attack on the kingdom of Devasena. Call it love or call it duty, Bahubali and Kattappa pitch in for Devasena’s help and saves the day – a hero always does that. It is then that Bahubali expresses his love to Devasena and proposes a marriage bonding to which, Devasena bows and accepts. Because the story goes back into ancient times devoid of modern communication, the message of Rajamata – the one that ordered Devasena’s capture – reaches Bahubali after his proposal to Devasena.

With utmost dedication to his own kingdom and his love for Devasena, Bahubali, asks her to surrender and upon her refusal, he promises protection. Love makes us do things and how can Devasena be an exception. She accepts Bahubali’s protection and agrees to enter Mahishmati. As she enters the court room of Mahishmati, she faces Rajamata Sivagami, who asks her to marry Bhallala Deva. Standing in the court, Devasena refuses, adding to the insult of Sivagami. That’s when all hells break loose. Sivagami orders the capture of Devasena and other side, bound by his promise, Bahubali rises to protect Devasena. This puts Bahubali in an awkward position for he could not give up his mother and insult her and neither could he offend Devasena, whom he loved so dearly.

Upset by Bahubali’s behavior, Sivagami declares Bhallala as King of Mahishmati and declares Bahubali the commander-in-chief of Mahishmati’s standing army. Remember the prequel? The scene was exact opposite where Bhallala Deva was declared Sena Chief and Bahubali was declared King. Citizens of Mahishmati didn’t accept Rajmata’s decision open-heartedly but they had to eventually accept. In the meantime, Bahubali’s behavior shocked Rajmata so much that she stopped talking to him completely.

While all seemed to be going well, a new event pushes Bhallala Deva for further conspiracy. New spread that Devasena was pregnant with Bahubali’s child. Baby shower was arranged where everyone came and so did Rajmata. She blessed Devasena but refused to talk to Bahubali. Bhallala Deva takes advantage of the situation and asks Bahubali to leave the position of army commander on the grounds that Devasena and her child needed her attention. An untainted soul, free of conspiracy and greed – Bahubali does what Bhallala says to evade all unnecessary problems.

A wife cannot really accept her husband’s insult and this made Devasena rise and talk to Rajamata. Devasena asks Sivagami to interfere and reverse the order and even says that Bahubali should have been Mahishmati’s King.

Soon, the scenario changes and Devasena was shown visiting a temple where the new army commander of Mahishmati misbehaves with Devasena. Furious Devasena, using her combat skills, cuts off the finger of Sena Chief. This made Bhallala Deva summoning Devasena for punishment. Bahubali receives the message and enters the scene to protect his wife where he, listening to his wife’s words, decapitates the new army commander of Mahishmati.

Bahubali’s actions didn’t resonate well with Rajamata, who says that even though the Sena Chief was guilty, Bahubali had no authority when it comes to punishing him. As a result, both Devasena and Bahubali were asked to leave the kingdom.

Evil never stops until complete authority is established and Bhallala plays that perfectly. He whispers in another conspiracy into Rajamata’s head and says that Bahubali is conspiring to kill him and get the throne. This infuriates Rajamata who then orders Kattappa to kill Bahubali. A devoted servant of Mahishmati, Kattappa follows the orders and kills Bahubali. However soon, Kattappa realizes his mistakes after learning about Bhallala’s conspiracy and informs the same to Sivagami.

Truth triumphs but evil is persistent. Rajamata realizes her mistake and declares Bahubali’s son (Mahendra Bahubali) as the new King of Mahishmati. This didn’t resonate well with Bhallala, who then captures Devasena. Rajamata somehow manages to escape with Bahubali’s son but Bhallala manages to kill Rajamata. However, call it pure plot or masterstroke of good over evil, Rajamata manages to save Bahubali’s son before taking her last breath (remember that child held in one hand above water? That was Sivagami’s hand and the child was Mahendra Bahubali).

Once the tale tell story of the past is shown, a swift move of plot brings us to the present where Shiva or Mahendra Bahubali or the son of Amarendra Bahubali is shown who pots a revenge and attacks Mahishmati to kill Bhallala. The fight between Bahubali and Bhallala is intense and leaves us gasping for breath. Good triumphs over evil at end and Bahubali eventually kills Bhallala. That’s all…

I didn’t capture everything of the movie in this review and I urge you all to watch it on a big screen to get the hang of the emotions and plot… .

Bahubali 2 Review and Box Office Collection

Some facts about Bahubali: The Conclusion

  • This medieval drama will have more and rich VFX effects than the previous part and is expected to provide a great watching experience for viewers. There is also an option to watch the movie with VR experience.
  • The movie got released in four languages – Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam. A separate version of the movie will be released for the international audience. This international version will experience some editing work in hands of Vincent Tabaillon – the renowned editor from Hollywood.
  • The total budget of Bahubali – 2 is bigger than the first part, which was marketed as the highest budget Indian cinema. However, as of now, there are no clear figures available on the budget of the new movie.
  • The movie is expected to be released at 2 thousand screens across the globe. Also, it is expected that BookMyShow will have the highest number of advanced bookings for the movie.
  • During the shooting, Prabhas had to put on 30 kg of extra weight for his role of Bahubali. He weighed 150 kg in the movie.

Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection.

Bahubali 2 has collect around rs 121 Cr on the first day (Friday) itself. It collect Rs 41 Cr from hindi and rs 53 cr from telagu version. The film has estimated to collect rs 224 cr in 2 days in India. Bahubali 2 have collected more than rs 500 cr in 3 days (All versions and foreign counties included). Bahubali 2 collected rs 625 cr in 4 days.( worldwide)

Trailer of Bahubali 2 in Hindi


Trailer Of Bahubali 2 in Telagu

Trailer of Babhubali 2 in tamil


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