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Augmented Reality by MagicBricks

Augmented Reality by MagicBricks

Will you like to share your home buying experience with us? Okay, let us guess. It involved countless weekends physically visiting property brokers and physically combing through prospective properties and returning empty-handed and disappointed! Isn’t that true? That’s pretty much the same story of every home buyer. Buying a home is one hell of a Herculean task that, everyone at some point wished, was simplified.

Augmented Reality by MagicBricks

One of the most popular and leading property portals in India – MagicBricks – with over years of experience in real estate market realized that a bridge was necessary to reduce this pain. In order to bridge the gap and in an attempt to ensure that property buying experience becomes a smooth one for prospective home buyers, Magic Bricks did something truly innovative.

Instead of keeping itself restricted as an online business entity, MagicBricks decided to fuse online with offline. This fusion came at a massive cost but they did it! What they created is known as the ‘Experience Center’. The name sounds simple but it is a hi-tech project that involves some serious hardware and of course, state-of-the-art software programming. Based on Augmented Reality (also sometimes known as Virtual Reality), Experience Center is a place where homebuyers can ditch the need for physically visiting properties. Instead, they can take a virtual tour of multiple properties at a time, literally hop from one room to another and from one property to another but stay at the same place. With help of advanced 3D modeling, entire property is reconstructed in a virtual world wherein, the homebuyers get an opportunity to take a peek at every nook and corner of a property they intend to buy.

The idea behind the Experience Center is to reduce the pain of physical visits while still giving access to physical scrutiny of every aspect of a property, whether it is design or floor area or positioning of doors and ventilation system or location of bathroom and more. Everything from sitemaps to floor plans come to life in a 3D model that exists only virtually.

It is true that online real estate marketing became stagnant for a long time and the only thing that remained meaningful about the online portals like MagicBricks, 99Acres etc. is the listing of various properties, their prices and a handful of customer reviews about the developers. Worst part, no one could say whether the reviews were from real homebuyers or not. This new innovation brought in my MagicBricks is definitely going to change the way people hunt for and buy properties. It is highly innovative and a gamechanger in real estate market.

So, what do you expect from Experience Center?

The experience center from MagicBricks offers 4 excellent features which will make home buying experience a smooth one. These four features are briefly described below:

  1. Virtual Reality of Experience Center: The Experience Center comes with what is known as Virtual Reality. The center is equipped with hi-tech gear which the homebuyers can use to see a virtual 3D image of the property they want to buy. They can walk around in the virtual world and move around from one apartment to another. This will give the potential homebuyers a basic idea of what they can expect from the apartment they want to purchase.
  2. Augmented Reality of Experience Center: Then there is something called Augmented Reality. In this feature, the potential homebuyers can get a 360-degree aerial view of the property they wish to purchase. This will help the buyers to get a proper look at sunlight penetration, ventilation option, wind flow and more. They can get a look at the available open space in the surrounding and they can also get a proper view of the entire locality. This is usually not possible in physical visits because aerial view is an impossibility in case of physical inspection of a property. This means, augmented reality provides an edge over the traditional way of looking into a property and inspecting its surroundings.
  3. Match My Needs: MagicBricks has come up with an app which helps buyers to get a host of important information which includes information about the developers, construction progress and status, locality information (that is availability of hospitals, banks, schools, malls, parks, etc.). All this information can be found in Experience Center. The company claims to have used its 8-year database (that it accumulated over time) to create this useful application.
  4. Financial Calculator: Purchasing a property involves a lot of investment. Planning out the financial aspect of a home purchase is extremely important. Hence, MagicBricks has provided a financial calculator in the Experience Center. This financial calculator, along with proper consultancy from experts in real estate market will help the potential homebuyers to make informed decision.

While these four are the most important features of the Experience Center, MagicBricks has also provided provisions for research materials, maps on large touchscreens and live assistant chat features, which help the homebuyers to get all necessary information. They can also compare multiple properties at a time using the virtual and augment reality. All these features come together and help the buyers to find the right property that suits their needs and matches their lifestyle and most importantly, their budget.

Where Can You Find Experience Center?

As we said earlier, Experience Center is a fusion between offline and online marketing. Augmented reality, virtual reality etc. are not possible online. Though there is something known as 3D image stitching, which gives a 360-degree view of the property, it is nowhere close to experiencing a property tour through a virtual world, which is the next best thing to a physical visit. Also, we did mention that MagicBricks has installed hi-tech hardware which is coupled with state-of-the-art software programming. All these require a physical presence. Hence, Experience Center is basically an offline installation.

The company has opened its first Experience Center at Andheri, Mumbai. The exact location is “MagicBricks Western Express Highway” metro station, Concourse 3. It is a strategic location as the station tackles 3 lakh commuters on a daily basis and many of these commuters are actually hunting for a property in the nearby location. The Experience Center may actually help to solve their problems and fulfill their needs in a scalable fashion, says CEO of MagicBricks, Mr. Sudhir Pai.

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