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Ashok Leyland’s New Electric Bus Is 100% Made in India

Ashok Leylands New Electric Bus Is 100% Made in India

As these days fuel consumption is increased and sources of fuel is continuously deceasing. Its seems in current few yearsfuel will be finished. So what will be the alternate of fuel? In case of auto industry automobile eng are trying to find out solution for this problem. They found that one of best alternate of fuel is electric charge vehicle. Battery operated autos are already in market and they are very successful. Now electric buses are also launch in market. At present around Rs 8 lakh crore is spend on fuels to power our vehicles, but if we replace these fuels operated vehicle with electrical vehicle then it can assist India save massive amounts of cash.

Ashok Leyland’s New Electric Bus Is 100% Made in India

S.No Interesting facts about Ashok Leyland’s New Electric Bus Detailed Information
1 Speciality of Electric Buses of Ashok Leyland Zeroemission, Nonpolluting vehicle and Fully made in India
2 Electric Bus launched on 18th October 2016
3 Estimated Price of this new Electric Bus Around  Rs 1.5 to Rs 3.5
4 Seat Capacity Maximum 65
5 Maximum Speed 120 Kilometers per hour
6 Estimated number of buses to be launched next year 50 buses
7 Total Budget 500 Crore

These buses are totally designed, engineered and manufactured in India. After launch of these buses in market there will start a new chapter in electric automobiles industry and soon they will compete the vehicle operated with fuel.

Features of Ashok Leyland’s New Electric Bus

  • Ashok Leylands New Electric Buses are totally operated by electricity and it’s purely eco-friendly as it runs without any use of other fuels like gas, LPG or any other mode.
  • Ashok Leylands New Electric Buses are fully manufactured in India and capable of running at a speed of 75 kms per hour in flat Indian roads.
  • Ashok Leylands New Electric Buses takes around 3 hours for one complete re-charge cycle and the electric bus runs for 120 kms when it’s fully charged.
  • Ashok Leylands New Electric Buses are designed to carry 31 passengers in Indian roads and maximum or around 60 passengers according to the driving conditions.
  • The New Electric Buses from Ashok Leyland has various valued added features like USB phone charging, Fire detection and suppression system along with Wi-Fi facilities which are embedded as default.

After launch of these buses govt plan to launch approximate 70 lakh electric and hybrid vehicles on road by 2020. This is the one of ambitious mission of govt. Also provides subsidies to every electric vehicle sold in India to promote this electrical auto industry. Govt give a budget of Rs 14,000, which will assist other motor vehicle company to come up with electric automobiles and unleash a new sign of innovation within this sector.

No doubt Ashok Leyland’s New Electric Bus will be successful as the electric auto. These are best compare to fuel buses because less expensive. Need less maintainer and easy to operate. Also there are lot of facilities as mentioned above) in these buses compare to normal fuel vehicles. It is expected that these vehicle soon change the face of road and make the country pollution free so they are also secure health wise. So Ashok Leyland’s New Electric Buses are best in the present conditions.

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