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Apply Voter Card Online

How to Apply Voter Card Online, facebook and Application Form

How to Apply Voter Card Online, facebook and  and Application Form

One of the most important document for an Indian citizen is the voter ID card. It provide identity to the people of India and gives them the right to vote.

Voter ID card issued byElection Commission of India
Purpose of the cardIdentity proof to cast vote
Eligibility for obtaining the Voter ID cardIndian citizen above the age of 18 years
Other purpose of the Voter ID cardActs as address proof, age proof, and general identity proof

It is a fact that having a voter ID card is important for every Indian citizen above the age of 18. It is not just a ticket to vote, but it provide a unique identity. Until few years back applying and getting a voter ID card was quite difficult and due to this some people hesitated in applying for it. But now the application for a voter ID card has been extremely easy. There are both online and offline methods which can be used to apply for the voter ID card.

Apply Voter Card Online

Complete Details for applying Indian Citizen’s voter ID card in Online and Download form

  • So if you are an Indian citizen and of or above the age of 18 then you can easily opt for an easier option of registering online.
  • Visit the website from your laptop or computer, this is the website of the Election Commission of India. In this website you can also choose your preferred language. You will get an option for getting the instructions in Hindi or English
  • Now you might just get confused seeing the number of information given on the website. so to enroll for Voter ID card you should go to the Enrollment section and here you have to select this option ‘Become a Voter’
  • Once you click this option you will get a sign in window. Click on the new registration option and you will get a user name and password. After you complete the process the user id and password will be sent to your email id and mobile number.
  • With this user id and password log in and continue for your application.
  • Once you log in, you will have to fill in certain details in a form that will be available. The details that you have to fill in are applicant’s name, father or husband’s name, mother’ name, date of birth, address, etc. you also change the password given to you and set your own password.
  • Once you have filled the form click on ‘submit’. Once you submit the form you the screen will show the complete details that you have entered, and then click on ‘download’

With this your application will be done and you will receive a conformation email and message in your registered email id and mobile number. If you apply for the voter ID card online, you should get the card in a month.

Applying for the voter ID card offline

  • In case you cannot applying online then you also have an offline voter ID card application option. You have to visit the above mention website and download the application form that is available.
  • Once you have downloaded the form you have to take a print out of the form. Fill in the form and provide all the required details. You also have to provide your phone number and email id. You also have to attach a copy of all the documents that has been asked.
  • With the form and copy of the proof documents go to the election commission office of your city or state ad submit the form.

In both online and offline application the voter ID card will be sent to the address provided by you in the form. But the offline process may take around 8 to 9 months whereas the online process will take just a month.

Now, Voter Registration Can Be Done Through Facebook_ E-Governance via Social Media

Even when we say India to be one of the largest democratic countries in the world, there are still many citizens of India not being registered to their voter list and even when they are done, they are not showing interest in going to the voting pool and cast their vote. It is one of the shames for the country if its citizens are not willing to go to the pool to vote for their interested party. To make sure that new voters are being registered to the voting list and also they are casting their vote, government has now taken a new initiative.

S.NoInteresting FactDetailed Information
1Total number of facebook Users in India155 million
2Chosen 5 states for Trail on Next ElectionUP, Goa, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Punjab
3Number of voters in India as per 2014 election83 crore
4National Voter’s Day25th January
5Number of elections conducted by election commission for the past 60 years15 General Elections and 331 General State Legislative Elections

Awareness through social media:

One more thing about India is not only its population, but also the emerging population from child to adults. To create a perfect level of awareness among students and those crossing the age of 18 to cast their vote, government of India has now gone to the social media. In the upcoming election that is going to happen in five states during the next year, election commission is now trying to create a link for registration of new voters which will be provided to the facebook users based on their age category.

The advantage of going for the aid of facebook is as follows:

  • Sorting out new voters through means of age is very simple and easy
  • It is now possible for government to select the individual users without any mismatch in data
  • A special link for registration of voter list can be sent to the individual inbox of the users
  • Apart from regular information like registration and so on, government can also create awareness for voting through the social media
  • It is not a necessity for government to spend more money for the task of advertising through social media.

Power for youth:

As most of the teenagers in the recent days are active members and participants of the social media, the attempts that government towards creating awareness for voting will work fine without any deviation. It will be way more effective and efficient when social media is being used as a tool. Interactive advertisements and pop up messages can be created and delivered to the individual users where they will get awareness regarding voting without any problem.

Results of using social media for creating awareness for voting will be apparent only if it is being implemented in a fully fledged manner.


In this digital world, taking such initiatives would promote younger generations to take part in the voting activity in online.

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