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Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Tower Installation – How to Apply|Procedure & Contact Details

How to Apply for Reliance Jio Tower Installation | Procedure for getting Jio Mobile Tower Installed | Find out whom to contact for Reliance Jio Tower installation

You might have heard about tower installation on your roof tops. Not so long ago there was a scam like this in the market urging you to install towers on your plot. Now the fact of the matter is that this business really exists. Also, it pays handsomely per month to have them installed on your homes.

Apply for Reliance Jio Tower Installation

Reliance Jio is a trusted company that is looking to expand its business in the country. So obviously they are going to need more towers to reach far and wide. However there are certain criteria for applying for this network. If you have a large plot of land, it must not be less than 2000 sq ft. If you have a roof top then you must not have less than 500 sq feet to apply for this.

Why Reliance Jio is looking for tower?

You might have already heard that within a matter of three months itself Jio has shattered all records of subscribers. They have millions of subscribers on their 4G network now. They are giving stiff competition to the telecom giants like Airtel and Vodafone. Also, they are expecting to get 100 million subscribers within the next few months.

What is the one thing that they need to provide a strong coverage to their users? That’s right! They need a cell tower at regular intervals. To make their coverage expand even in the rural and suburban areas, they will need a lot of towers in the coming few months.

Reasons to apply for

Right now Reliance is looking to install 45000 new towers across the country. This will help it increase its reach – and therefore more and more customers will switch to this network. Therefore it is a great time to apply for the installation of Reliance Jio towers.

Getting this tower installed will give you a handsome rent at the end of each month. However you should have these few things before you apply for it –

  • A free rooftop or plot where the tower can be put up. The plot that you are requesting to put the tower on should fulfill certain criteria. It should be 500 sq ft and 2000 sq ft each for roof top and plot respectively.
  • Also, there should be a requirement of cell tower in that area. If you are already getting full bars on your Jio SIM then probably you don’t need a tower in your area. In this case, your application will be rejected.

How to apply for installation of tower?

There are two methods of applying as mentioned below –

  • Via Indus TowersIndus Towers will receive your application and they will contact you if the criteria meet. This company is a vendor of Airtel and Jio and such other companies. They provide the details of the eligible users to the company. So you contact this company and they will get in touch with Jio on your behalf.To get in touch with them you will first have to visit their website – . On this page you will find at the bottom that there is a form to enter your “Property Details” in. Fill the required fields and recheck them. If all information is entered correctly, press “submit”. The team will contact you within a few hours.
  • Contact Reliance Jio 4G Team DirectlyAnother method is to bypass all middlemen and contact Reliance Jio 4G team directly. To do that, you have to visit this page – . Then enter your email address there first. They will ask for “Subject” where you can enter “Regarding Installation of Towers”.In the “message” field proceed by giving them a brief about your query. Don’t forget to mention your – plot size, plot type and of course your area where you are applying from. Don’t forget to mention your contact number where the concerned team can contact you if they need your services. Now submit it and wait for their official response. You can also email the same at

Monthly rent for Jio tower

If your plot or area is chosen for installation of Jio towers, you will be paid monthly rent by Reliance Jio. The amount paid however is not fixed and can depend on a number of factors. However, usually a person that has cell phone tower installed gets around Rs. 50,000 per month.

The exact amount for the installation will be provided in their official intimation to you. The amount can be negotiated with the representative.

Who to contact for tower installation?

Reliance Jio does not have any specific area or webpage for asking for such queries. Also there is no contact number or email address to contact with such a query. This is why you can follow any of the above two methods to get it installed.

Note : There is a fraud site which is running for this. They are quoting email id as “” this email is not official.

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