Antyodaya Express Train

Antyodaya Express Train

While presenting the Rail Budget for financial year 2016-17, Railways Minister Shree Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu has declared about 4 new trains for the long routes in the nation. Among them Antyodaya is one such train that will be fully unreserved superfast express for the dense routes. Railway is the only travel route that mostly common men choose to travel for any reason. Generally one needs to reserve tickets for long route at least 4 to 6 months prior to the journey. Sometimes it creates a lot of issues for the traveller but with Antyodaya there will not be any issue as it will be fully unreserved train for the long and dense routes.

Antyodaya Express Train

Antyodaya Express – Key Features

  • Antyodaya Express will be a long distance and fully unreserved train. It is yet to be launched. But the manufacturing has been already started by the authority.
  • This will be an express that is superfast train that will cover the entire dense route in the nation. People who travel frequently can avail this train without prior booking.
  • This is an unreserved train so the fare will likely to be lesser than any other long distance express trains. It will be launched for the common man.
  • The body of the train will be having stainless body. According to the sources the coaches of the train will be similar, in fact modification of the Linke Hofmann Busch type, the integral coach factory stated.
  • The train will likely to be launched sometimes in the end of the year 2016. There are 4 more trains have announced at the same time but no official launch date is announced till date.
  • Antyodaya will be a non-AC train just like the other general trains. The difference is this time the seats and the coaches will be more spacious and much more comfortable than other general unreserved train.
  • Facilities like water and mobile charging points will be available in the train. Food or pantry will not be available, travellers will need to buy or carry their food while travelling in this train.
  • Routes are yet to decide for this train. The only thing has come up is the train will cover the dense routes and will be a long route express train.
TrainAntyodaya Express
LaunchedNo official date yet
Launched byRailway minister
FacilitiesDrinking water & phone charging points
RouteLong distance

Facilities in Antyodaya Express

  • Abtyodaya Express is a superfast train. The biggest facility in the train is this is an unreserved train and people who are likely to travel frequently can avail the train anytime before their journey.
  • Antyodaya will offer drinking water and mobile charging points in the train. These two basic amenities are really important for any traveller who is going on a long route. However there is no food or pantry car attached with the train so food should be carried by the traveller.

Other Plans for Express Trains

Along with this train the Railway Minister has proposed to launch Din Dayalu coaches as well. These coaches will be single room coach that can be attached with any train. Din Dayalu coaches will be charged less than the other general or sleeper classes. Din Dayalu will be non-AC coaches with amanities like drinking water and mobile phone charging points. This will be more likely to be like Antyadaya Trains. The difference is that Antydaya is a complete train and Din Dayalu is a coach that can be attached with any express or general trains.

What to Expect

Basically train is the most frequent way of travel in India. Mass people take trains to reach their destinations, be it a local train or long distance express trains. Antyodaya is designed for the common people of the nation and like Garib Rath, Antyodaya will also make a good result in future, we hope.

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