Wednesday , September 19 2018

Amazon Launches Used & Refurbished Mobile Store

Amazon Launches Used & Refurbished Mobile Store

Amazon India is all set to launch it new store of used and refurbished mobile phone. Just a few weeks back the company launched a store of used book, and now it is the turn of used and refurbished mobile phones. One of the strong moves taken by e-commerce giant Amazon

The main objective of this launch is to provide store for those customers who want to buy latest phones with better software, but at a lesser price. Amazon looks to attract and cover people instead of using Olx and Quikr by stepping into refurbishment service just like their used book store.

Amazon Launches Used & Refurbished Mobile Store

Amazon Site was launched on July 16 1995
Amazon was originally named as Cadabra (Abracadabra)
Total number of employees working in US based Amazon centers Over 90,000 full-time employees
Facts about Amazon’s logo It shows a smile from A to Z

Used smartphones in Amazon

  1. The used mobile phones will be categorized into 3 categories in the store. This would include like new, good and acceptable category.
  2. As the name suggests the like new category will have smartphone that appear to be new, and do not have any scratches and work perfectly and come with data cable and earphones. The phones under the ‘good’ category will be those with some scratches but are still working properly. And finally the ‘acceptable’ category will have phones that have properly visible dents and scratches and might have a faulty display, etc.
  3. The phones would come with or without a warranty of 6 months. This will be a ‘seller warranty’.

Refurbished mobile phones

In this new store of Amazon, the company would also be selling a variety of refurbished phones. This means that the store will be selling phones that have been restored by the professional and come with all the supporting accessories. The company is of the view that there is a huge customer for these kinds of smartphones as well. So adding these to the list of products that Amazon sells would be a way of attracting more customers to the store.

Some others details about this new segment of Amazon India

  1. It has also been mentioned that the company would provide free shipment to the customers of used and refurbished mobile phones. The time taken for delivery would be similar to the time taken for the delivery of other products in Amazon.
  2. The company will also be providing a return option to the customers. So after receiving the used or refurbished smartphone the customer wants to return it then they may do so.
  3. Amazon India has also claimed that buying refurbished and used mobile phones from this platform would actually save 50% of the customer’s money. But then it has been seen that the company is actually claiming this on the basic of the market price of the new and properly working phone. Now this comes as a little problem for the company.
  4. The payment mode given for the buying of refurbished or used mobile phone would include card payments, internet banking and cash on delivery options.

Experts are of the view that the company needs to re-work on the pricing strategy again so as to make this store work.

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