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Airtel offer 2GB of Free Cloud

Airtel offer 2GB of Free Cloud

As Reliance launch its new services named with Reliance Jio in which customer get benefit with free unlimited net usage and calling. According to Google play store a large number of people take benefit of this service.

Airtels offer 2GB of Free Cloud

Because of this large groom in number customer of Reliance, its big competitor Bharti Airtel plans to begin services like jio net. They plan to offer 2GB of free cloud storage through a new feature on the myAirtel app called Airtel Backup. This app permit the user to backup audio, video, photos, documents, contacts and call history by free of cost.

Interesting Facts about Cloud Storage Detailed Information
No Need for Unlimited Space About 99.94% users access cloud storage below 7GB
Comparing Amazon Cloud Drive with other Cloud Storage Apps Amazon Works entirely differently
Storing Passwords Users can use 1 password to sync with drop box across multiple computers
Using cloud server for hosting Users can use Dropbox as a Web Werver for hosting a blog

But the airtel user start getting notification regarding this services that they will be soon benefit by this services. But message does not include what is the new in this app and how the user will be get benefited. But it is confirm this cloud storage service will be given by mean of app called airtel backup app.

No doubt airtel launches this service to compete its big rival Reliance-jio services and want to increase its number of customer and hence the sale.

Is this feature is supported by all phone:

This new feature will be supported by the new Android phones only. This offer is not announced by the airtel yet but it is confirmed that airtel will offer this services to all of its users and this plan is under testing phase at present and will active for users soon.

How to make use of Airtel backup app

In this new option you have to select the categories to backup, by doing so the backup app will automatically schedule the data. The time cannot be changed and it is likely so that users can benefit the 50 percent cash back data offer with the Airtel Night-plan.

Is its unlimited:

No this plan is limited up to 2GB, means you cannot backup a lot of music, videos or photos, for data beyond 2GB you have to pay. But is still plenty for those who wish to backup their contacts, messages and documents. To take benefit of this service users have to download the airtel mobile backup app on their mobile. It is expected that airtel soon launch its new backup service soon.

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