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Airtel Adds Free Monthly Data To Broadband Users

Airtel Adds Free Monthly Data To Broadband Users

Airtel is currently celebrating its two millionth customer by offering a very special giveaway. By logging into one’s account on the Airtel website via one’s broadband ID or landline number with an STD code, a person will get free extra monthly data.

Airtel Adds Free Monthly Data To Broadband Users

The free data offer is a part of the Airtel Surprises promotion. This adds free data onto each customer’s existing plan. This is an extension on some of the other free data offers that the company has highlighted in recent time.

The new monthly data program is being designed to provide people with added support for handling a variety of downloads. This is an exciting development for Airtel customers but it could be a sign of worry for the company. This comes as the threat of Jio Fiber has been very strong.

Ongoing Free Data Development

Airtel has been offering more monthly data access in recent time:

  • A year ago, Airtel provided customers with 5 GB extra data through the MyHome Rewards program. This was used for customers who link their postpaid mobile and DTH accounts to their DSL accounts.
  • The free data offer is being extended to as much as 15 GB per month. This is for broadband data and is for those who link their active DTH or postpaid accounts to their broadband accounts.
  • The total amount of free data being offered is worth up to Rs. 9,000 for an entire year depending on how soon the customer subscribes to it. This would be offered to new and existing 4G customers alike. Those who sign up sooner will have earlier access to the offer and therefore more free data over the entire time for the program.

Terms For Signing Up

The specific terms for signing up for this special offer include the following:

  • An active Airtel broadband account is needed. The postpaid or DTH connection or account must be linked to the broadband account.
  • The customer must go to the Airtel MyHome page at From here, the connection information will be listed.
  • The site will list details on how much free data one will be getting. It can be either 5, 10 or 15 GB extra per month. The number varies by customer but the free data will be good for the duration of one’s contract.
  • Up to 25 connections can be secured on one DSL account. Rewards will be provided to each connection within that account. The additional amount of data involved will vary based on the location one is at and the total number of connections that are being linked at a time.

The best part of the process is that there is no catch to using it. All people who take advantage of this special offer will be eligible to get free data. This is an especially popular system that will certainly bring in more customers or help to retain existing ones.

The current free data offer will be available until February 28, 2017. The offer was first introduced in early January and has a rather extensive signup period. The free data benefits will be good for each month up to the end of the 2017 calendar year.

Threats From Competition

A big part of why Airtel is offering this comes from the extensive amount of competition that Airtel is going through. Much of this is especially been offered by Reliance, the group behind Jio:

  • Jio has a strong system of services in a variety of fields. Airtel has been offering television services through DTH support. It is aiming to get rewards out to those who use multiple services. The free rewards and benefits to Airtel customers may be a sign of trying to create a system identical to what Jio offers.
  • Reliance’s Jio Fiber program could make a real impact. This is being tested in a few parts of India and has attains download speeds of up to 1 Gbps. This is substantially faster than what most others provide. Also, the service will be offered with three months of free use at 100 Mbps to start out.
  • Additional broadband packages are to be offered to Jio customers in the near future. Details on what those are like have not been released but there is a real chance that some of these packages could be extremely competitive with what Airtel is offering.

With the competition being strong, Airtel may be offering its free data service to get more people to come in and use it. This especially comes amid the strong competition that is going on within the market.

All Airtel customers are encouraged to take a look at the company’s website to see if they can qualify for certain services. However, the competition involved will prove to be rather intensive depending on what may happen.

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