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Airtel connected devices can use 4G signals on 3G devices

Airtel connected devices can use 4G signals on 3G devices

People who have Airtel-connected devices can use 4G signals on 3G devices. This is thanks to the new Dual Carrier technology that Airtel is introducing in Delhi-NCR. This upgrade from Airtel is a big change to a network that is already rated as the best option that is reliable in most cities around India.

Airtel connected devices can use 4G signals on 3G devices

The added spectrum in the 2100MHz band is the key to making this upgrade work. It provides users with 4G speeds on a 3G network. This is especially useful for those who have 3G smartphones and need added support for getting online.

It is a key part of the Project Leap system. This setup from Bharti Airtel is being used to improve upon the telephone services made available by the company. It uses a 2100MHz spectrum that works with the 5MHz band to improve upon how capable it may work. Airtel has become the first mobile service operator in India to offer this technology.

How Fast Is It?

The speeds offered by Airtel will entail up to 42 Mbps at a time. This is through the Dual Carrier 3G DC or DC-HSPA setup.

As this works, two 3G channels will be linked together. This in turn improves upon how data will come out as required.

What Will Speeds Be Based On?

There are a few points that will directly influence the speeds that the user will get access to:

  • The signal level will make an impact. It will be easier for the phone to get a faster speed when there is a clearer signal to work with.
  • The distance that one has from a mobile signal tower can also impact how it works. Those closer to connection towers may get better speeds.
  • The devices used will be a factor as some devices might not be capable of using 4G-like speeds. These include devices that have lower RAM totals and may not have access to enough bandwidth of their phones.

What Benefits Are There?

The benefits that come with this will certainly make a difference. It will not only provide people with faster data speeds but also better voice quality. It also offers better network coverage regardless of where on is. It offers good coverage for both indoor and outdoor use.

The added backend management will also help with improving how well the phone runs. It may provide the user with better battery support depending on what one wants to use.

Support For More People

The added support for 4G signals from Airtel is a big point for many people around India. Airtel has about 11.43 million customers around Delhi. It also has a higher retention rate among its customers. By adding the Dual Carrier system, it will be easier for people to get better support with fast speeds.

Additional Functions

The added functions being promoted by Airtel include working with new technology to expand upon the 4G support being provided. Spectrum and fiber support is being made available to help with making it more functional and easier to handle. Legacy networks are being repaired and restored to improve upon how well connections are made while ensuring that the infrastructure is extended and promoted right.

The Carrier Aggregation technology has also become important to the work that Airtel has to offer. The technology has been made available in Mumbai and Kerala.

The support that will be made available through these upgrades from the Airtel network will help with improving upon how well different signals may be handled. It is a necessity to look at how well this will work for people aiming to stay online with their phones and get faster signals.

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