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AIIMS To Work With MobiKwik For Online Payment

AIIMS To Work With MobiKwik For Online Payment

MobiKwik will be working alongside All India Institute of Medical Sciences, one of the largest hospitals in India. This is being done to help make the overall process of handling transactions cashless.

AIIMS To Work With MobiKwik For Online Payment

This comes as MobiKwik has been growing in popularity. MobiKwik is an online wallet service that has been competing with Paytm and has evolved to include all sorts of different payment support features. MobiKwik can be used with IRCTC, WHSmith and StoreKing among others with regards to handling cashless transactions. MobiKwik has recently joined Paytm as the only mobile wallets that are really gaining traction in today’s market as cashless transactions have become all the more important to use.

MobiKwik will start offering its services to AIIMS to resident doctors, visitors and staff members at the cafeteria. The service will expand to cover more people and more spaces over time.

MobiKwik has especially stated a strong desire to work with these transactions at AIIMS. This especially works as cashless transactions are becoming more popular and essential following concerns over the cash situation in India. MobiKwik also cites AIIMS as the top medical institution in India, thus making the efforts with the group all the more essential and noteworthy.

What Will Be Cashless Later?

While cafeteria transactions are going to be cashless at the start, many other particular transactions will be added to the cashless system that MobiKwik is supporting. These include consultation fees, test payments and many other services relating to hospital use.

The expansion of services will help more people with getting access to a variety of services and functions. This especially comes amid concerns over people not getting the help they require during the demonetisation process all around India.

More People Will Get Help

MobiKwik has been available on a variety of mobile platforms. The lighter version of MobiKwik has been in use in recent time as well. This was introduced in November as an option for older or smaller phones to work quickly without requiring far too much power for it to run.

UPI Support Now Working With Paytm

The Paytm app will now be able to work with the UPI system. This significant upgrade to the mobile wallet industry can be used here as a key part of the expansion processes that Paytm has been aiming to work with in recent time.

A user’s UPI ID can be used to add funds to one’s Paytm wallet. This works with a simple process that only takes a few moments to complete. This will be seen on the Paytm app in the other payments section and will be directly listed as the UPI option.

After one’s UPI ID is entered onto the payment page, a request to collect money will be sent. It must be approved by the user so the transaction can be fully confirmed. The money will then be transferred to the Paytm wallet. As a result, there is no need to log into more accounts than necessary just to get the payment process taken care of.

An app that can work with UPI support can work in many forms. Many banking apps and others that help with transferring money from a bank account can use the UPI system. This assists the user with getting the most out of a great setup.

The RBI rules for this state that a customer can add from Rs. 1 to 20,000 at a time with a Paytm account. Also, the mobile number being used with the account must be the same as the one registered with one’s bank account. This is to ensure that the transaction is secure and easy to follow.

This is currently available for iOS users and can work on many desktops. It will be available for Android devices in the future. The process of adding UPI to a Paytm account will be easier to follow than simply linking a card or bank account to it.

Also, the process is a more secure option that does not require bank details to be shared with other parties. This in turn keeps the user from having one’s data stolen or lost in any manner.

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