Ados Pados (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Ados Pados (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

80s was the golden era for the national channel. There were plenty of shows of diverse genres that were simply incredible. The reason behind the success of the channel at that point of time was quite high because of the film personalities who kept on working on small screen. During the 80s until mid 90s, names like Amol Palekar, Girish Karnad, Shyam Benegal, Sai Paranjpye and such were the leading personalities who were ruling the TV industry at that point of time.

Ados Pados (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Ados Pados was another show created by two leading names of Hindi Film Industry that is Amol Palekar and Sai Paranjpye. Sai was already a famous name due to her outstanding performance in theatres and films. So it wasn’t quite tough for her to grab the attention from the audience before the show hit the screen. On the other we have got Amol Palekar who was also quite a popular name at that time in the leading character of the show. He had already contributed his immense talent to the Hindi film industry when he jumped to TV industry to give away another set of amazing shows to the Indian audience.

The show hit on screen during mid 80s at prime time. It was a simple concept that depicted the lifestyle of middle class family. It was not the first time that middle class family stories took over the TV industry. Mid 80s was the time when these sorts of stories were gladly accepted by broad portion of Indian audience.


The show was based on a single father (played by Palekar) and his son. He was living with his son in a society where he had a lot of friends. The story began when a lady teacher came to their house to teach his son. She was nice, decent and very well behaved. The character was popularly known as ‘Teacher Didi’ as called by the son and other society kids.

Played by Rameshwari, the character of the teacher was the leading female character in the show. Soon Amol falls in love with his son’s teacher didi in the show. But due to many social restrictions the man himself failed to express his feelings. His friends helped him here. One of the episodes that are available now had shown how a friend is guiding him to go ahead with his feelings.

It also showed the middle class lifestyle and how the society reacts to things that are not-conventional always. A single father is falling for a teacher was not convincing for some people. On the other there were people who didn’t have any problem with that. All these issues and things had clearly shown in the series.

The relationship and bonding between the son-father duo and later on the teacher-student dup was perfectly shown. The problems, issues and finally the solutions – everything was there in a perfect shape. The relationship between the lead pair was also shown carefully so that it didn’t harm the society as a whole or violate the rules of the society.

Relevance Today

Love stories are epic. They can make your eyes glued to TV screens anytime, be it a prime time or not. Today we can see more than 100 shows on TV that air in several entertainment channels. Most of them are family drama where you will find one leading romantic couple whose love story you can enjoy as much as your own love story. This show had the same essence as well. If you call it a romantic show then it is relevant today completely. On the other if you call it a family drama that showed us how middle class mentality reacts to every incident then also it is completely relevant today.

The show can be considered as an asset to the television industry. Every bit of relationship, social issues, friendship, father-son bonding, romance and drama – everything was present in the show that can easily be relatable today after 30 years.

Important Information about the show
Name of the show Ados Pados
Country India
Language Hindi
Subject Family Drama
Banner (production house)  
Director Sai Paranjpye
Story writer Sai Paranjpye
Dialogues written by  
Official site  
Telecast Details
Telecast date 1985
Aired on Doordarshan
Telecast episodes  
Episode length 30 minutes
Number of seasons 1
Cast Details
Real Name Character Name
Amol Palekar The father
Rameshwari The Teacher


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