Aap Beeti Old Doordarshan TV Serial

Aap Beeti Old Doordarshan TV Serial

Aap Beeti is a very special show for the national channel. The first ever horror show that aired on DD national in early 20s, aap beeti had managed to gather quite huge popularity from the diverse audience. The time when the show started was not a golden era for the national channel as by that time many more private entertainment channels have already emerged.

Aap Beeti Old Doordarshan TV Serial

Aap Beeti was a horror show which had running time of approx 52 minutes. The show came on TV in couple of seasons with the same running time. Ravi Chopra, a leading Hindi film director was keen to make something unique at that time. So he had chosen a horror show. It was a big step for the channel as well as there wasn’t any horror show before on the channel. However the move was correctly taken as the show was a super hit. There are different stories in different episodes.


The show, as said was based on horror stories. Common human beings who are encountering with the spirits and ghosts were the main essence of the show. It was a weekly show; only one episode used to air in a week. During the 1st season it was aired on weekends (Saturday) at 9.30 in the night. When the second season hit the screen the timings were changed to Tuesday night at 10pm.

There were various stories that were shown in the serial. Each story used to take two respective episodes to solve. It was a supernatural show that contained ghosts, spirits, black magic and other supernatural activities. It wasn’t for the kids.

Relevance Today

Comedy shows and horror shows always go with every generation. Though horror shows are not for the kids but it still has same effect like it had 15 years back. The show, aap beeti was based on families that encounter ghosts and spirits. It was as scary as the other shows that air on other channels these days.

Horror shows have one important aspect that must be carried out nicely by the makers. That important thing is techniques of the show. Because we are watching a supernatural thing that is rare to witness in real life the techniques must be carefully used so that it looks real. The techniques though in aap beeti was not like what we watch today on TV, but the feel was same as other horror shows in India.

Aap Beeti had gained huge popularity when it came on board. Housewives, men, children who love to watch horror stories – all used to watch the show as it used to air night and on weekends. The second season came because audience started missing the one of the most horrifying shows on TV.

The title track of the show was hugely famous as well. One can easily find it on YouTube or Google. It was quite a good show to hook you up to your TV screen. The makers played a good game by making it a weekly show. People used to wait eagerly for the next part. Each story took two episodes so if you watch the first one you have to watch the last one as well. It was one of the most important shows on DD nationals until today.

Important Information about the show
Name of the show Aap Beeti
Country India
Language Hindi
Subject Horror
Banner (production house) BR Films
Director Ravi Chopra
Producer BR Chopra
Story written by
Dialogues written by
Official site
Telecast Details
Telecast Date 2001, 2004
Aired on DD National
Telecast Episodes
Episode length 60 Minutes
No of seasons 2
Cast Details
Character Name Real Name

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