Aamir khan Vs Shahrukh khan Vs Salman khan

Aamir khan Vs Shahrukh khan Vs Salman khan

People often say that the world of bollywood is often controlled by the khans. It is very much true because of three important khans in the world of bollywood cinema, none other than Aamir khan, ShahRukh khan and Salman khan. Even though there are a number of new actors coming and going out of the world of bollywood, there is always a special place for these khans in the world of bollywood cinema. There are a number of reasons why these khans are still successful in the field of bollywood cinema. All of them have a unique place in the film industry and provide their best at all times.

Aamir khan Vs Shahrukh khan Vs Salman khan

Below table shows some general comparison and information of the three khans who are ruling the Indian cinema industry particularly bollywood:

Facts/PersonAamir KhanSalman KhanShahRukh khan
Date of Birth14 March 196527 December 1965 2 November 1965
Highest grossing moviePKBajrangi BahijaanChennai Express
SpouseReena Dutta/Kiran RaoUnmarriedGauri Khan
Years active1984–present1988–present1988–present
OccupationActor, producer, directorActor, Film producer, Television personality, Singer, PhilanthropistFilm actor, producer, television host
Awards and NominationWon: 24

Nominated: 41

Won: 72


Won: 222


All there khan in bollywood has huge fan base all over the world. Their film release would be a festival for their fans across the world.

Aamir khan and his film industry background:

For the family of Aamir khan, acting is not a very big deal at all. There are many of the relatives and family members of Aamir khan working in bollywood industry for a long period of time. Because of their influence, it is very easy for Aamir khan to find a place in the film industry even in his younger ages where he debuted into the world of cinema as a child artist. Even when there are very good leads available for Aamir khan to enter into the world of cinema, he himself describes his younger ages as a tough one.

Father of Aamir khan is one of the renowned producers who used to produce some of the excellent movies. The later stages of family were not running in a perfect way due to heavy loss for father of Aamir khan in the field of production. Because of the family situation, Aamir khan was forced to switch between schools. Even when Aamir has not firm interest in education, he managed himself to finish his education career in a successful manner where he will be always in a fear of being thrown out from the educational institute because of nonpayment of fee.

  • Aamir khan in social life:

Beside all achievements that Aamir has made in his acting career, he is also one of the most popular social activists in India. He played one of the key roles in implementing tracking ID for life saving drugs in India which is one of the great achievements ever done by a person involved in social life. He is getting himself involved into a number of stories that are based on the injustice of society and because of this he landed himself into a number of hardships.

  • Greatest achievement ever done in bollywood industry:

Aamir khan is carrying one of the best records that are achieved by any actor in the Indian film industry. With his blockbuster movie PK, he has achieved the record of highest ever crossing movie in the Indian cinema industry. Aamir khan was able to reach this height with the movie PK as the storyline of the movie addressed a number of odd practices that are being followed in India in the name of religious practices. Apart from showing the hard situation in India, the movie also made many people to think about what they are doing with their false religious practices.

  • Aamir khan and controversy:

Aamir khan is one of the most respected actors in Indian cinema industry known for his punctuality and best characteristics. He is always away from any controversy because of his genuine personality and his approach towards other actors who are acting with him. To till date, there are no such talks about Aamir linked with other actress came in media. He is very often known to be in middle of some of the controversial speeches that he gives towards the existing political system in India and about his views on the social injustice that is present for a long time in India.

ShahRukh khan:

ShahRukh khan is one of the most renowned Indian film actors who have popularity all over the world. He is called as the king of commercial cinema where most of his movies were of super duper hit and he is one of the actors who often walks in the red carpet of box office hit with most of his movies. ShahRukh khan is also known to be one of the most successful actors in the film industry all over the world with a number of best movies in his list and most of the movies grossing good margin for its producers. He is nicknamed as Baadshah of bollywood industry by media people.

  • Startup life:

Like most of the actors who have a strong influence in the field of film industry, ShahRukh has no such resemblance anywhere else. He started his career without aid of anyone in the film industry and came into the film industry only with the help of his own talents and qualities. ShahRukh khan initially acted in television serials where he first showed up his talents in acting. Even when studying in his school and college, ShahRukh khan has acted in a number of plays where he played some important roles and attracted attention of many people where they all marked that he will become a big actor one day.

Even when family of ShahRukh khan was a typical middle class family, there is no barrier for pursuing his interest in the field of acting as mother of ShahRukh khan will be telling to others that he will become one of the best actors in future. With the hopes of his mother and his unique talents and personality, ShahRukh khan broke up into the bollywood film industry from television serials which made him one of the most prolific actors in the world of bollywood cinema. He started his successful career in bollywood cinema right from his very first movie which entered into box office hit within a short span of time.

  • King of stage performance:

Beside his career in film industry, ShahRukh khan has conducted some important stage shows in different countries and also took part in most of the stage concerts in his early stages. He is known to many people as the king of stage performance because of his good presence of mind and his skills in acting and dancing. With his rocking performance, he got a permanent place in minds of many women and he continued to be one of the most loved actors of all time. His recent performance in IPL inauguration shows his inherent talent in providing best stage presence.

  • Successful career in production:

Apart from acting, ShahRukh khan has also one of the most successful careers as a production team. He is producer for most of his films and he started the career of producing initially with a number of partnerships and later on he started his own production firm which is being managed by Gauri khan, wife of ShahRukh khan. Salary that ShahRukh khan receives for his film is one of the biggest mysteries among most of the people in media industry as he is known to receive his salary in the form of share for his movie, making him one of the highest ever paid actor, yet unknown to the world.

  • Controversies around ShahRukh khan:

ShahRukh khan is often deemed to be one of the actor for whom controversy is not a very dissimilar thing. He is known to be in middle of a number of controversies starting from his early career. In the recent days, he is known among people because of his activities with his IPL franchise. ShahRukh khan has owned KKR team which is one of the best performing teams in IPL so far. Whenever there are some events taking place in IPL, it is very common to find ShahRukh khan over there and he is also known to be creating some of the issues everywhere he goes.

The most recent issue that ShahRukh khan was being caught is during an IPL match conducted at Mumbai stadium where he is caught by the security people smoking within the ground which is one of the prohibited one. When officials found out ShahRukh doing unintended things inside ground, he was arguing heavily with the officials and reports often say that he is drunk at the time when he was caught. He is imposed a ban of 3 years wherein he cannot enter into Mumbai stadium till the duration of ban. His action triggered a lot of mixed comments over social media for several weeks.

Salman Khan:

Salman khan is one of the prolific actors in Indian cinema that is known to produce rocking hit movies back to back which is one of the dreams for rest of the actors in bollywood industry. When compared to movies of other actors in the bollywood industry, there is always a special place being given for Salman khan because of his screen presence and his position among mass of people. Even when he hail from a family that is already working in the film industry, Salman khan came up only with his talent and his passion he has towards the film industry.

  • Universal hero:

One of the greatest heights that are being achieved by Salman khan in the Indian cinema industry is that he is deemed to be one of the actors who have achieved the height of universal hero because of his movies reaching many people all over the world. According to surveys that is being conducted among Indians who live in different parts of the world, they all vote in common for Salman khan as the best Indian hero where most of his fans being young boys and girls. The main reason what people say for attraction towards Salman khan is his screen presence and his stylish outlook.

Most of the shirts and costumes that Salman khan wears in his movies are known to create a new wave of fashion in the clothing industry. Some of the clothing industry owners often approach Salman khan for promoting some particular fashion of outfits in his movie in the view of promoting sales to a great extent. He gradually became one of the style icons for most of the youths in India where Salman khan has more popularity among women fans than compared to his fan base among men.

  • Continual controversy of Salman khan:

Even though Salman khan has did a number of social works and even running a non-charitable trust called being human, Salman khan has always been one of the actor to whom controversy is ever chasing one. He is well known to be caught in controversy with his attitude towards co actress in movies. The first gossip that came around Salman khan is with Aishwarya Rai. Their closeness in screen and a number of off screen activities has triggered a number of controversial articles about them in media where very often gossips about them are one of the most important topic for media.

Even though Salman khan is being released from one of the biggest ever case for an Indian actor in India, he is still being accused for driving drunk on the roads of Mumbai and hitting people who are sleeping there on the roads. It is said that he has brought bad name for the film industry by his activities, but still all his movies are of greatest hit and he is one of the highest grossing actor in India with minimum guarantee of returns for most of his movies. Controversies are not affecting the career growth of Salman khan which is one of the unique features for an actor in India.

Salman khan has also tried out his luck as a producer and he has been successful with some of his movies. He is not interested to try more of his luck in the field of production and hence he started to concentrate more upon his career in acting rather than involving in the field of production. He still run his own production firm called Salman khan being human production wherein the profit that the production firm achieves with movies will be directly contributed to his non-charitable organization called being human.

Who is the biggest star???

There is always a big competition running behind all these three khans in the bollywood film industry because there is no one else can come into competition between these giants. They achieved a unique place in the film industry which no one ever can touch within a short span of time. If someone tries to achieve the height that they have reached, then they have to be extremely talented and born with great lucks in life as they have created some unique positions in the film industry which is quite difficult to be achieved within a short span of time.

It has been said that until the time these three giants are active in the bollywood film industry, the competition will always between these three khans and no one else can dare to stand a chance to enter into a competition with them, no matter how much budget that they are going to invest in their movies. Among these three khans, ShahRukh khan is considered a step higher because of the below reasons:

  • ShahRukh khan is always known to produce movies that will focus all over India and making new markets for his movies which doesn’t even exist before
  • He is also investing his money in film industry into a number of streams like IPL, real estate and so on, making him one of the most profitable hero in the bollywood film industry
  • The international popularity that ShahRukh has achieved has helped him in a number of ways for his international releases grossing more foreign revenues for his movies

Aamir khan is also not lesser in the list and below are some of the best features about Aamir khan that makes him to be one of the best in the Indian film industry:

  • Aamir is known to produce some best movies with beautiful storyline which is ever being attempted by any hero in the Indian film industry
  • He is one of the actor who always look for some different storyline and also he will modify his personality and body structure to match with the character he plays in his movies
  • His stories are mostly addressing some of the injustice and wrong practices that is being followed in Indian society and making him hero of mass people through is best subjects

Salman khan has also added some valuable contributions to the Indian film industry and below are some of the heights being reached by Salman khan in bollywood film industry:

  • Salman khan is deemed to be one of the hero always known to receive minimum gross for his movies and he is one of the best commercial king among most other Indian actors
  • His movies receives a huge response in most of the commercial centers in Indian cinema and his releases also opened up new space for Indian cinema in many foreign countries also

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