A mouthful of sky (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

A mouthful of sky (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

A mouthful of Sky is one of the most special shown has ever made in Indian television history. The mid-90s released show was made in English language fully which is very new to the Indian audience. Before or after that no such shows has ever made in India until now. The show contained leading models and some new faces which have of course become huge names in Hindi film industry today. One of the highlighted names that come out from the show is Milind Soman. Every girl’s dream man, Milind was already in news with his superb physique in modelling world. Though Milind was not interested in acting at that point but the show had given him huge popularity, especially from the girl-fan base.

A mouthful of sky (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

If we talk about the makers, the name Mahesh Bhatt is definitely a name to cheer for. The man himself was quite famous at that time for his enormous contribution to Hindi cinema. The man created the show and made it all successful as people loved every nick and knack of the serial. An English show was never made in India. The makers, especially the producer was hopeful as well as worried about how people will accept the show. But just after the launch of it the producer sighed in relief as the reaction of gigantic. It came with the launch of new Doordarshan channel DD3. It took over the prime time and of course over shadowed the other youth shows.


The show was based on a group of young people who are in their mid-thirties. It was a story of friends who met each other after long 12 years of graduation. They all had completed their MBAs together in same college and after that they separated and got busied in their professional and personal lives.

The show started with the current situation when the 5 friends are busy in their lives. As the story went on they came face to face things were getting more interesting. In one of the episodes this group of 5 people came to know how their enemy group in the college used to plan and plot against them to destroy their friendship and how they were trapped sometimes.

Within those suspense and interesting twists we got to see some deep relationship values among these friends. The friendship, the love and how these now-matured people handle life despite having so many difficulties in life. Also the show had Urban Indian culture and western culture confrontation which was more interesting to watch. The cultural barrier between the two regions brought about lot changes in their lives.

With each episode of the show they had shown various twists and turns. Moreover it was the emotional turmoil that was shown in the entire series. Every shade of relationship was shown in the series such as love, friendship, family and what not. The complications of the relationships were the cherries on the cake. They simply added the spice into the dish namely A Mouthful of Sky.

Relevance today

A mouthful of sky is the show that is completely relatable even today in this generation. It was all about relationships and its complications that every young boy or girl faces in life. When we are students we take our life as an easy thing. But we don’t understand the importance of life. We get to know the deep meaning of life when we get matured like these 5 people.

Like this serial had shown the ups and downs of the relationship they are facing be it friendship or love or the other emotional turmoil. All these shades we face in our life too. The show is 21 years old yet it still has relevance today as the value of relationship never changes or dies no matter in which era we are. We still love, still have friends and still witness complications in life with family and emotions. This show is the landmark of every emotion a young fellow can have.

Important Details about the show
Name of the showA mouthful of sky
SubjectFamily drama
Banner (production house)Plus Channel
DirectorAnant Balani, Mahesh Bhatt, Ajay Goel
CreatorAshok Banker
ProducerAmit Khanna
Story WriterAshok Banker
Dialogues written by
Official site address
Telecast Details
Telecast Date1995
Aired onDoordarshan/DD3
Telecast episodes
Episode length
No. Of seasons
Cast details
Character NamesReal Names
Rahul Bose
Milind Soman
Samir Soni

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