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Consumers to get 20W LED tube lights at Rs.230

Consumers to get 20W LED tube lights at Rs.230

The government of India is making all efforts in bring electricity all the homes and streets of country. And with this motive it has been announced that the Energy Efficiency Services Limited, which is responsible for the implementation of UJALA scheme, now distribute LED tube lights to the beneficiaries at just Rs.230.

Consumers to get 20W LED tube lights at Rs.230

The distribution of the tube light at a subsidized rate will be done through the different marketing channels and mainly through the discoms. So basically a single LED tube light that originally cost Rs.700 to Rs.800 will be given at discounted price Rs.230. The LED tube lights will be distributed at one third of the market price.

The main objective of doing this is to promote the use of LED tube light which are more energy efficient. These are much better than the normal tube lights.

LED tube lights to be distributed by the EESL

  • The LED tube lights are going to be distributed to the public under the scheme of Ujala Yojana, the announcement came from the power minister recently.
  • Government plans to give 20 watt LED tube lights with discounted price. And the LED tube lights which are going to be distributed under this scheme will be much lower when compared with the current market price.
  • As per the announcement from the power ministry, Piyush Goyal the upcoming LED tube lights will delivered for subsidized amount of Rs.230 will comes along with 3 years defect warranty.
  • It is expected that the use and consumption of the LED tube lights instead of the regular tube lights will save a lot of energy as well as money of Rs.350 for a consumer. So even if the consumer has to pay Rs.230 for buying a LED tube lights but in the long run they would be saving and also will be able to recover the cost within a few months as the LED run for a longer time.

As a part of this Ujala scheme the ESSL is providing LED bulbs of 9 watts at just Rs.65 in order to encourage people on using these bulbs instead of the regular ones. Now the company is also providing discounts of the LED tube lights so that energy can be saved to the maximum extent and can be distributed to the places in India where is still not energy.

With the efforts made by the ESSL and the increasing demand of these bulbs the retail price of LED bulbs came down to Rs.65 from the actual price of Rs.550.

This will not just save energy but will also save the annual spending on electric bills of the consumers.

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