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100 New Food Processing Units in Telangana

100 New Food Processing Units in Telangana

In the review meeting of the Telangana state, the Chief Minister of Telangana, K Chandrashekhar Rao has suggested setting up 100 new food processing units in the state to the members. The Chief Minister also wants to ensure that each of the Assembly areas in all the 30 districts of the state has a food processing unit of its own. This step taken by the CM of the state will obviously prove to be a good thing for the promotion of food processing industry in the Telangana state.

100 New Food Processing Units in Telangana

The Chief Minister has also mooted to the officials about using the Central Funds of the state for the development of these food processing units. The Chief Minister has also encouraged farm mechanization by ordering a stock of plantation machineries at 50 percent subvention.

Details of the Review Meeting

  • The review meeting of the state was attended by the Ministers, MPs and other important officials and the CM of the state led the meeting. K Chandrasekhar Rao proposed 100 new food processing units for the state of Telangana at the meeting.
  • The members of the meeting also discussed about possible developments in agriculture within the state. The officials discussed about several important government programs and proposed their point of view in the meeting.
  • To ensure more developmental works in the state, various proposals were provided in the meeting such as providing required electricity, seed, fertilizers, input subsidy to the farmers. Also the members of the meeting discussed about the irrigation projects of the state.
  • The members discussed about how to form a coordination committee of the farmers properly and the Chief Minister also suggested that the need of ginning mills and rice mills should be met because the farmers will be benefitted from it as there is a chance of higher paddy cultivation in Kharif. But it will also depend on the amount of rain.
  • Currently, there are Mandal and Village level committees of Farmers Associations in place in Telangana. But the Chief Minister also wants to set up a district level Farmers Associations Coordination Committee (FACC). The Chief Minister has also mentioned the State Committee of the Farmers associations will be working as a corporation and a senior officer will be appointed there.
  • K Chandrashekhar Rao has also mentioned that the conferences of the district, village and Mandal committees of Farmers Associations will be held in four corners of Telangana while the conference of the State Committee will be held in the parade ground of Hyderabad after the state committee is formed.
  • The CM of the state also established a Cabinet Sub-Committee in the meeting. He selected four member from four different departments named Agriculture, Finance, Marketing and Industries and formed a four-man committee. The duty of this committee will be to prevent food adulteration in the state. This committee will also ensure food processing units in the Telangana State.

Functions of FACC

  • FACC (Farmers Associations Coordination Committee) will guarantee the development of agriculture. It will ensure a communication channel has been established between the Mandal and the Village committees where they will be able to interact on crop cultivation and it will also ensure minimum support price for farmers.
  • FACC will also have to control the advent of the agricultural produces in the market and it will have to purchase the agricultural produces with the farmers in case there are no buyers in the market.
  • FACC will also have to ensure their arrival improves the marketing sector of the agricultural productions. FACC will have to work in coordination with the farmers to ensure regulation and advent of the products. Also Marketing Federation will have to work cooperatively with FACC and thus the role of the federation also will be redefined.


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